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  • Yeah, I had the same problem with mine as well, and I think it was the first model too. I almost fixed it though, but then I fucked with the larger, second laser (protip: don't fucking touch it) and ruined it completely. Thankfully, I got a backwards compatible PS3 not too long after.
    Ah, gotcha. I've yet to play a Fatal Frame, sadly. I've always wanted to, but I just never find copies. I actually see a copy of the third one, but it's still $40 and I just never feel like getting it when I see it for some reason.
    Ah, I love me some Shoot the Bullet. I haven't played any of the games in a long time, but StB is a really good one.
    I typically stick with Reimu and Yukari due to their homing attacks. It lets me focus more of dodging attacks and grazing.
    Yeah, the Marisa fight is where I start to lose it too. Everyone before her isn't too hard, but she and Reisin drop you like a fly. Fighting Reimu instead of Marisa isn't and easier. I'd say she's even harder, but that's probably since I've only fought her a few times and am not familiar with her attack patterns.
    lmao no, I only managed to beat it using all of my continues. I also didn't survive Eirin's Last Word, so for those two reasons, I don't consider beating it much of a victory.

    Also, I beat EoSD on Easy, but it only lets you go up to Sakuya. After you beat her, it ends. You have to do at least Normal to fight Remilia.
    I'm sure you can find some torrents somewhere. Otherwise, see if you can find them on DoujinStyle.
    That's because the music is probably the greatest aspect of the series. It's my favorite anyway, followed by the fan art.

    Also, IOSYS songs can be alright, but I don't care much for a lot of their stuff personally. TAM and dBu are pretty good though. So is Silver Forest. ZUN's compositions are always the best though. Do you have his non game albums?
    The only problem with that fight was Patchy's Royal Flare. It looked like a goddamn roman candle :c
    Hahaha, I played that MUKYOU!~ over and over again. I hope the next OVA's have more of those fight scenes. They did a great job on Reimu and Patchi's little battle.
    Oh yeah, the Maikaze OVA, right? I gotta admit, they pulled that off very well. I haven't heard anything about the second episode though, which kinda sucks.
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