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  • Oh lol, I had thought of something like "Phoenikkusu Wuraito", or something like that. xD

    Man, I'd love to try one of these games, but I'm sick of seeing all those Point & Click games on the DS. I feel like it's going down the same path as the Wii, disregarding all the other stuff we've been made familiar with for years.
    Oh? Well, that's a weird name for it, then.

    Have you played Ace Attorney games before?
    Oh, I've heard of that game before.

    I've heard good things of Prof. Layton before, too. Maybe I should look into that one.

    That kind of puzzle stuff seems to be the best suited concept for the DS' touchscreen anyway... xD
    Haven't heard of Devil Survivor and Gyakuten Kenji before though. o.o
    Alright then, I'll see if I can find out more about this game.

    What other games do you play on your DS? I seem to have trouble finding any really good ones lately, let alone some that use the touchscreen properly and in a fun way... :/
    Are there any prequels or anything that I should play first before testing it? I saw KOS-MOS from Xenosaga appearing in that game several times, so maybe there would be things I couldn't understand without playing those games first. x3

    Maybe I'll look for a ROM or a video review somewhere. :3

    Well, is it at least fun? Normally game's fail miserably when they try to concentrate to much on the "jiggly" aspects of it. xD
    I.e., Onechanbara, X-Blades, etc.
    Isn't that this one game that contains abnormal amounts of cleavage in all of it's attack animations or something like that?

    it's still turning omagawwwwwwd

    But seriously, that game's leveling up is so tedious. D:

    Holy shit, just played 3 hours of Re: COM straight.

    my head won't stop turning
    cards everywhere
    holy craaaaap
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