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    converting help

    I just got an iPod Video a few days ago, and I've realized it only supports mp4 or mpeg files for video. But videos that I want to put on it are wmv or avi. I don't have any converting applications, nor do I know which ones to get if I need one. Help? @_@
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    Left Behind

    The Key I've been so bored waiting for KH2, (and this is all based on a creepy dream of mine, it is a vision! XD) that i feel like writing fan fiction so ta-da.... Note: this story switches between perspectives. You will be notified when it does. This story also takes place one year after...
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    Fanfiction ► Blinded (THIS IS THE LAST TIME I POST THIS!)

    wow, this is really good. im gonna have problems being patient though...*twicth*
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    Organization Names

    Just wondering....did anyone else notice that in KH:COM, all of the organization members have an "x" in their names.. aXel, larXene, veXen, zeXion, leXaeus, marluXia, and Xladin.... coincidence???