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  • Just so you know, you need to post a visitor message on my profile in order for me to see it.

    There is no appropriate section, because it is still considered advertising, even if you make no money off it and your purpose is completely genuine. I 'heed' your warning as much as I need to, but when it comes down to it, you're the person who was in the wrong here. You come to this site, you register, you agree to act in accordance with the rules. 'You' (or Anonymous/whoever) would attack us because a member on our site acted outside of the site rules? That's just silly.

    The people of this site are good natured, but generally consider Anonymous to be dubious at best. The only place you are allowed to advertise is in your signature, so if you want people to know about it and still act in accordance with the rules of the site, edit the link into your signature.
    SO which section do suppose would be right on the site? Oh and before you try to shut me up further fair warning if you take my posts down again then i will be forced to bar access to the site altogether, I was not advertising to make profit or to brain wash people into a cult it was to voice words out to the community as I was sure I would get good responses from the good natured people of this site.
    Just to make it clear, before you send that private message: I do not disagree with what you propose, but your posts are both in the wrong section, and considered advertising, and thus I am under obligation to delete them, regardless of how valid the message is.
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