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  • hey is it really you ? there was a cis from khuk. do you remember me ? i was roxas the keyblade master on kingdom hearts uk forum along with aki and graceful assassin and xagazn
    She just started playing KH2.
    Gummi missions to be precise.
    Her thumb hurts.
    Morphia says (20:10):
    my thumb.
    Aqua says (20:10):
    you are now a true Kingdomer <3

    Real conversation. Girl just started KH2.
    Ya :D not as strong as Namine either, way I see it - personality wise. At least, end of Re:CoM strong. She was pretty bummed up to then.
    I really don't mind Namine being Namine. She had immense plot value, and was loyal to her role of damsel in distress. Even when she supposedly broke it, like when going to save Kairi in KH2, it was well played and she didn't pretend to be something she wasn't.

    What I like about Xion is that despite being a warrior, it doesn't seem like she'll be insanely strong. I can relate to that.
    Aqua on the other hand is Final Form Sora <3<3<3
    Ah, I see you found the FC <3

    And I agree. She looks amazing. She has all the traits I adored in KH1 Kairi, only in better graphics, and my mind keeps associating her to Aqua since she has her body language and all (namely - ass kickery and not girly)
    [random rant]
    I fail to see why people come into fanclubs I make and explain why they do NOT like the character :v
    Like, the entire point is that there we can love what we love and not have to do with people disliking it (or hating what we hate without people bitching on us). So why, oh why, must they longly explain why they will NOT join the club?
    Yeesh. You want a debate, open a thread and hope for the best, don't ruin it for the rest of the people in the fanclub v.v

    speaking of which, how do you feel about the girl in my avvy? I need more members for her FC.
    [/random rant]

    Layton = sexeh.
    Iono, it's icky ;w;

    On a better note.

    LAYTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONN!54264357548758568 <3<3<3
    She's awesome. And I do like to think my 'directing' skills when it comes to sigs aren't that bad, so we make a good team - at least judging by the two sets she's made for me thus far :3 here's to a continuation of joint-work XD once I get a concept.

    Cissy <3 how've you been, gurl? Hope my new color didn't scare you off XD
    <3 ainitright? Reflection's awesome, if only for putting up with how petty and demanding I am. "No, move this here", "wait, you should add a line break and a tab on the writing" "add some more fog!"
    We had like, five sub-versions just until I was satisifed with the color and positioning for the font XD

    virus </3
    Cissy <3
    I kind of want to put him in my signature, too.
    Peter Pan is very, very hot.
    I showed my friend and literally dive bombed out of the room to get away from it before it started playing.

    God I hate niconico sometimes.
    Good luck with the sig. Hope I didn't confuse you.
    As Reflection. I'm kind of a nightmare to work with on sigs. Or at least that's how I see myself. I'm very demanding despite being incapable.

    Good night then <3 I'll see how it turned out tomorrow
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