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    Who do you Believe to be the Main Antagonist for Sora?

    Throughout Kingdom Hearts Sora has fought many villains, some Disney, some original characters, but mostly incarnations of Xehanort. I am curious to see which villain people most closely relate to being Sora's main antagonist. The villain that Sora is most driven to defeat, the villain that...
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    School Switching

    For a while now I've been thinking of switching schools. I go to a public scholo right now, and if I changed I'd be going to a Catholic school, I have a..pretty much one day to decide if I'm going to go or not. If I go to the Catholic school I have to : take the bus, wear a uniform, take...
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    Just Another Day...In the Organization

    AN: This story is narrated by Roxas..If you couldn't tell, it's my first FanFic, and just thought it would be somewhat interesting to write about. Prolouge I walked down the hall, my 4th day in the Organization, I hadn't meet many people who I actually LIKED, or any people who actually liked...
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    Missing one Sleight From Sora's Story

    Hey, me again with a question for you about Re: CoM, I've got one more sleight left to complete the list, I know which one it is, and where and how to get it. Detonator in Twilight Town, all the people I've asked said to use a Calm Bounty in Twilight Town, but I've tried and can't seem to get...
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    Missing one, R/R

    I'm almost done the journal in R/R, I'm just missing on Heartless in the Character section, right below Neo Shadow, and right above.. Creeper Plant, I think.. Does anyone know where I can find that stupid Heartless? Thanks!:D
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    Uh..Noobish question, XD, can you really blame me?Ya, you can.

    Youtube video of RE: CoM YouTube - KH - Re:CoM Twilight Town (English Subs) I just wanna know what Vexen means by the hidden memories, does thta mean like ones he forgot or..something deper,..I was thinking something to do with Roxas but..I haven't been into the KH thing for a while, so I'm...
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    Gauges, orbs and thats it, Oh My!

    I felt i should show you all the new gauges and such in KH BBS, and what I think they are, and I noticed a new orb to, enjoy! Tell me what you think the orange gauge is.And We ALL know the blue gauge isn't for Magic, so please, stop saying it isn't, we know.Ha. (Sorry for crappy quality and...
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    New enemy Symbol theory..Dun Dun Dun!

    Hello fellow KHI Members, it is me, Golden Knight!OMG I know! Well I'm coming to you to talk about this new enemy symbol..Get ready this may or may not do anything to help. Heh.. First of All, Heartless Symbol: Second, New Enemy,(Best I've seen): As you can see, you take off the spikes at...
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    Needing screenshots of Leaked BBS footage

    I need some screen shots of the Leaked BBS video,mainly of Ven and the DS, but if anyone has any, it would help for me, lol, and yea... That would be helpfull.
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    Bourne Conspiracy Game Thread

    I dunno if there is already another one of these, but my friend jsut got the game for 360, he just started playing it, I help,alot. and I think this game needs it's own thread You can post - Cheats - Walkthroughs - secret areas - etc.. Common! Remember to use spoiler tags.
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    Do you has?

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    I won!

    Look at that 3 million~!!!!!!@ I won! Gimme my prize!!!Hoax,joke,sherade!
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    Going out with a BANG

    READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!V Made this......god knows when! Umm..Since I'm leaving for a bit..(months,weeks,not years) I was going through my KH files and found this...So..Ummm go ahead and make fun of it.IDC Sprites curdosy(sp?) of Yannis and VARIOUS KH Sites. Note: I made this god knows how long...