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  • Holy smokes! You are a youngin' . Lol. 8th grade year was the best year I had. You'll really like it hopefully, now you're the boss.
    KH1 was actually my first, but I guess it wasn't interesting enough XP. I played it a long time ago though.. But oh well, Days is awesome XP. It's just really confusing to play without knowing who the Organization is, at first...:p
    Yeah, I heard that too XD. I want to try some, too...but there are some recipes floating around on the internet, so maybe I'll make some someday =w=.
    Yay for vanilla pudding~ 8D.
    Yeah...it was a pretty quick game =w=. I played it around December...it was what got me into the KH fandom, though :3.
    Hmm...I dunno if it sounds gross or not, I'd have to have sea salt ice cream first to decide that :p. But hm...
    Maybe vanilla pudding? XD
    Days is my favorite :3. I'm kind of replaying it, but...very very slowly XD.
    Hm...what flavor of pudding will it be? :D
    Totally 83.
    Yes yes yes yes, I'm glad you think so 8D. And the love triangle between them is quite fun <3.
    Hm...heart-shaped pudding? 8D.
    Lol yeah, we always have this idea of life in or head and how we expect it to go, and then it goes the OTHER direction.

    My summer break started on May 28th. I go back August 12th. D:< Its disgustingly early, but I shouldn't care I'm going to be a senior!
    Yep...I like the Internet X3.
    Awesomeness 8D. I like all of those, too.
    My top three faves are Xion, Roxas, and Axel >w<. And I'm pretty much obsessed with that trio as well XD. Anndd I love Kairi and Naminé and all of the Organization 8D.
    Yay! What will you bribe them with?
    Your summer vacation doesn't start until the first of july!? That is something crazy...

    Life is going. It's never how i expected it, but its whatever.
    Yeah...I don't get to meet new people very often, except for on the Internet XP.
    Oh wow XD. Eh, good luck to both of us, then? :p
    Yep. Well...there are some pairings I kind of get annoyed at, but I wouldn't join HCs for them anyway >w>. And idk who DiZ would be a favorite of...XD (Larxene? :0). So who is your favorite character? :3.
    Yeah, neither do I...hm...maybe in Organization XIII's Newspaper? ;3.
    Ah...do you move to different cities every time..?
    Haha, yeah, that might not be good...XD. And okay...a realtor helps us, as well :p. We've only gone out to look for houses twice, though..
    Lol XD. Yeah, I never join HCs, either...and I like most characters...except DiZ >w>. And eh...a lot of the member FCs seem slightly inactive, anyway...xP
    I'm no good, either...but who could we hire? D:.
    Yay :3. And we've never rented a house....I think...though we've lived in this one since I was little so idk XD.
    Haunted? Hm... *likes creepy things*. But anyway...hopefully you can find one. When you do house-hunting, does a realtor help you, or what...?
    Lol XD. You could do that...but you might end up not liking the one that was randomly picked :0.
    But who will purify it? D:. We need a PoH...
    Ah, wow...I'm moving soon, as well XD. We haven't sold our house yet though D:.
    Yeah :p. And meh...choose your favorite character or pairing or something? *shrug*. Or go the the fanclubs section and just pick some thar sound good..heh XD.
    Oh noes D:. How will it be saved?
    It's okay~. What did you go out of town for?
    Ehh...I joined FCs since I was only on here a day or two XD. But okay~ :p.
    FCs are a good way to meet people, though..
    Hm...true...I guess everyone just used KHM and KHI for that, or something xD.
    I've joined many many FCs...but there's only a few that I post in often XP.
    Haha, okay :p. You should come join some FCs....:3.
    Lol...hm...maybe it'll wake up after BBS :p
    And yeah...FCs are fun XD.
    Coolness~ I'm a member of all of those except Heartstation ((actually I didn't know they had forums XD so I'll probably be a member soon))...:p.
    In your opinion...:p
    Haha, it is pretty interesting. Although part of the reason I think that could be that I spent almost all my time here in the Forum Insanity in Fanclubs...:p
    What other KH forums have you stalked? Lol
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