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Recent content by *~BlackCat~*

  1. *~BlackCat~*

    Your thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days?

    I got it cause it was a KH game. It could have been better, but it was a good DS game. I expected more cutscenes though. :P
  2. *~BlackCat~*

    Who has sora unlocked in days?

    Nope, I got bored with Days after I unlocked Mickey.
  3. *~BlackCat~*

    Why does everyone think days was such a bad game?

    I didn't think it was bad, but I think Days had way more potential.
  4. *~BlackCat~*

    ABC family

    Well at least it was mentioned. XD
  5. *~BlackCat~*

    hey i was wondering about worlds

    Haha I didn't know I could skip Atlantica, oh well I'd still rather play through it. :P
  6. *~BlackCat~*

    New V-Jump scans!

    Awesome scans! Can't wait for Re:Coded. :D
  7. *~BlackCat~*

    finally BBS is old news

    I'll stay, I'll just keep out out of spoiler threads until I finish the game, like I did for the last 8 months.
  8. *~BlackCat~*

    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) Thanks for the trailer. :D Except I found the music waaay too loud.
  9. *~BlackCat~*

    awakening questions & answers

    - Friendship - Being indecisive - To broaden my horizons
  10. *~BlackCat~*

    am i the only one

    I like the 2D covers, but sure I wouldn't mind a CGI cover once in a while.
  11. *~BlackCat~*

    BBS may have been KH III

    I don't consider BBS KH3 because of it takes place 10 years before so yeah.
  12. *~BlackCat~*

    Opinions on Namine?

    Namine is probably my favorite character overall she's just really sweet to basically everyone.
  13. *~BlackCat~*

    Pre-Order Cover Revealed

    Ooh nice. Thanks for posting. :3 I can't wait to see the official box art.
  14. *~BlackCat~*

    Do you think there's a chance re:coded gets released this year in the US?

    I'm thinking it'll be released in early 2011.
  15. *~BlackCat~*

    How is BBS selling so far?

    BBS was very popular in Japan so I won't be surprised if it's even more popular in NA. :3