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  • lmfao You really are stupid. I never claimed to not be a jerk. So your hypocrite statement is stupid.
    I don't associate with idiots, so I'm done talking to you. Bye. =]
    Ohyeah and one more thing, you're the one who said that 50% of people on KHI are losers, so you just made yourself look like even more of an idiot. ^_^
    Happy holidays!
    lmfao I never said how I got to know them. So you're an idiot. =]
    So yeah. This conversation is over, since you're wasting my time with your crap.
    I'd rather you didn't go around telling people that I said they were losers. Which I know that's probably what you would do if I did give you his sn.
    Besides, like I said, it isn't relevant to the conversation.
    Met as in real life? No one. But met as in spoken to and actually gotten to know? Quite a few. And they were all losers. Which is why I don't speak to any of them anymore (aside from Steven).
    Asking if someone is a loser isn't insulting? If I went up to someone and asked that, they'd probably punch me in the face. I had honestly forgotten anything that happened between us, and I didn't start being a jerk until you started asking douchey questions.
    Typo. Ah well. It happens.
    Holding conversation by attempting to insult me for no reason? How about you DO ask me "What's happening in life"? That way, I can tell you what is happening, and you would know that I wasn't some 'anime kid' with no life.
    You can't figure out why I'm being hostile? Maybe you're being an asshole. Ever think about that? Or do you think that it's perfectly acceptable to bother someone who hasn't bothered you??
    Well, I'm not. And it's a bit difficult to lighten up when you're asking pompas ass questions after four years of not talking to me.
    *shrug* I like to write, other people I know like to write, and we mesh ideas. Can't really get bored of that when it's what I love doing.
    Indeed it is. I don't have too many RP partners though. I basically just write with my fiance, and a few people from Gaia. And sometimes some close friends.
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