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  • Oh not much, just playing some kirby.
    I'm glad to see you're still alive :D

    What have you been up to?
    No problem, willing to help the needy ;D
    And yes I have been getting that all day, still hearing it another time isn't bad either!
    Hopefully that will help a bit.

    And I find them, you can always request for one to be made.
    But I haven't done that.

    Do as you please however.
    Oh, thanks :3
    I have like 5 folders of DN avatars, found them on DA.

    Oh and to do that you have to create an album, to be specific a profile album, upload a saved pic from your PC (click the "browse" button), select the picture of choice (it has to be the maximum of around 1040 pixels...something along the lines of that.), copy the url of the pic, not "copy" the picture (right click> properties> location; or if you have Fire Fox right click> copy image location) Then go to your profile page, click customize profile (you can also find it on the column to the left when you're looking at your User CP), look at the first box ("Main") and there should be little picture Icon. Paste the url of the pic in; or you can just click the picture image and choose a picture from the profile album instead.
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