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    Boom Boom Pow (Challenge to ∞)

    Hope you don't mind the quick and dirty character. Name: Cody “Snap” Sal Other Name(s): S-134 Title: Gunnery Sergeant Age: 34 Race: Human Homeworld: Reach Appearance: His Armor Abilities : He has increased strength, and agility. He thinks on his feet, and is known to be tricky at times. Other...
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    Renegade Saviours (Collab feat. ∞ and Ashes Remnant)

    Hello. This is a story the likes of which your eyes have never feasted upon. Myself and Jezza had this idea one night, and decided, since we were roleplayers by trade, to create an intricate series of scenarios to thrust ourselves along with others into. This quickly fell into confusion, and...
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    Sabrina's annoying FC!!!!<3<3<3

    Sabrina-channnnn's awesome FCCCC KAWAII! <3 <3 <3 This is for the love and adoration of the queen of Weaboo Island. <3 Members Me Myself I Shinra X-2 Araliya Rapidus Procella Sahrvergnugen Elle-chann Shinkirō ∞ Roa Black Rose Witch Haxon Sawah The Lionheart King Sora X Penance Sapphire...
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    Long time, no tag

    Okay, so, never done this style before, and I wanted to try something new. This came out.
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    what face does Roxas have in day 358?

    As that pic looks now, it just looks like a couple of pixels out from the pic. Not really compelling evidence.
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    Simple. Nomura didn't have them ready yet. They hadn't been thought of. Any of TAV's references will prolly be Retcon.
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    You know you're a KHI-Oldfag if...

    You know you're a KHI-Oldfag if... You remember when the fanart gallery was as popular as the forums. You can quote Annoyance's past 4 names by memory. Kikyowhereareyou You remember the last 5 chat systems we've used before #junes. One word. BHK. When there was only Member, Premium, and...
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    my super awesome theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually, plot-wise, this is more likely to happen then the million other theories.
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    Ienzo is a red herring

    I doubt Nomura would do a fanservice. EVER. Just look at how much he enjoys teasing us with these games. Before every game comes out, there's millions of discussions across the internet for months. He is pure evil. That was singlehandedly the worst post in this thread. At least back it up man...
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    Master Eraqus

    Eh. I wouldn't really like it if Eraqus was evil in the end or something. It'd be cool if he dies saving a world, or something heroic. That's always good.
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    mickey wont help sora?

    Maybe Mickey doesn't know how? (I might be wrong, I don't look at all the pixels in all the scans or anything) In one of the trailers, looks like he's having trouble with some water. He might be newer to this game of Keyblading then we'd like to believe. If that's the case, then he just might...
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    Well. There is a huge. I mean HUGE. Thread on this already. Go check it out instead of making another thread.
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    Roxas's necklace

    Huh. Well would ya look at that.
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    Larxene and others

    I too wish they were around longer. I wanted more interaction with Roxas and them.