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    tips for the cart pushing...

    i need help with the cart pushing under 15 sec...anyone have any tips?
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    Arcade games

    you should try to get a pinball game for the arcade! and maybe galaga and ultimate sonic flash game! :) it would be fun
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    Gungrave: Overdose

    I just borrowed Gungrave overdose! is it fun?
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    Music to anime clip

    what is the best anime music video you have seen? mine would have to be Sugar by system of a down to trigun or the beer song by weird al to trigun. I also think that Chop suey by SOAD would go really well to Neon Genesis Evangelion.
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    most hated boss

    I hated captain hook sooo much. i broke my SP out of anger he pissed me off so much. :mad:
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    Wh0 h34r75 1337?

    wh0 10v35 1337 4nd c4n 5p34k in 1337? if y0ur 4 n00b, d0n7 r4ck y0ur br4in 7rying 70 r34d 7hi5. i pwn n00b5 411 d4y, 3v3ryd4y c4u53 I i5 4 1337 h4X0r
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    Hardest game

    What is the hardest game you have ever played? mine is.....i me guess........uhh... the last part of metriod Prime:D
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    Fave weapon in the Devil may cry games.

    what is your fave weapon in DMC. mine is virgil's katana in the DMC 3 :dante's awakening : special edition but my fave for Dante is agni and rudra
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    Samurai 7

    Watch Samurai rocks and is cool.