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    some jiz

    whatever view regular size here: http://media.virbcdn.com/cdn_images/resize_1024x1024/db/fabffe24abd52096-electic.png
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    cnc you can view full size here: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mduoytaFSj1qbnhjfo1_1280.png
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    my blood

    just a lil somthin somethin cnc
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    wrath of god

    just a little piece i made for crystal castle's new song wrath of god it was intended to be washed out looking, cmc
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    just a lil somethin something
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    just a lil something i made
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    murda bizness

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    CNC Also, just wanted to let you guys know I received 58,000 dollars in scholarships for my portfolio to the Savannah College of Art and Design. I wanted to say thanks to everyone here because i've always used everyone's work as inspiration.
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    dragon tattoos

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    do you have one? if so follow me: stormason
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    my lips bleeding

    i'm on a roll! cnc
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    this is a little something i came up with for that poster contest i made a thread about earlier. i tried to keep it more simple beacuse i feel they'd like that better. and national american eagle day is a real date, june 20th.
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    middle fingers up

    cnc MOFOS
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    i need some help

    i'm entering this poster competition for a scholarship to a school i'm looking at, and i need some help. the rules are to make a poster about an event but it also says " Posters do not have to be created for an actual event. You are welcome to create an imaginary event such as “Disco Dance...