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    KH3 idea + 1 minor theory.

    well since we seen alot of time references being important in kh now. Do you think they'll make the worlds able to go day and night? like maybe certain worlds during day, certain worlds during the night and give it that urgency on how many days you need to beat it in . this is just one idea...
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    kingdom hearts a good thing?

    so i was thinking back on kh2. the organization needed the keyblade to free the hearts into kingdom hearts. but then what was organization 13 doing that was so bad? sure sora was being used, but they weren't the ones who were creating kingdom hearts, i suppose they were manipulating more...
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    Rude family

    well i spoke with my cousins for ages back in france. but i havent spoken with her in a while. i just recently sent her in text and didn't reply back. a few days later she replies back to me, but when i check it's her mom saying "this is ___'s mom and i want you to stop calling and texting my...
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    ven x aqua fanfiction?

    i know most of you aren't a ventus x aqua pairing fans, but i've thought really hard on aqua x ven fancfcition. i know my writing is horrible, but i still want to promote the FC. so i thought, maybe i could write a fanfiction about it here, question is, will you guys be willing to read it and...
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    PSP being brought back?

    well for those SE fans or PSP fans, do you think the PSP is going to be brought back into popularity? i know kh3d is pretty close to coming out and most of assume that once it does PSP will die qiockly. but considering all these new games coming out from SE and from other game companies...
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    BBS scenario switch??

    didn't nomura say he would make it so we can switch to a different scenario mid-way? was tat brought back because i've been playing aqua for the longest time and i'm up to keyblade graveyard and haven't gotten that option. was it scraped from early designs?
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    legend of zelda skyward sword.

    so what do you think of skyward sword on E3? YouTube - E3 2010 FIRST LOOK Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Wii Skyward Sword Official Trailer sorry if posted before, i looked for it and couldn't find it. if theres another page about it then i'll close it
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    ɨ⊰✬⊱The Renewed AQUAxVENTUS club⊰✬⊱ɨ (NOW WITH NEW PIC)

    ɨ⊰✬⊱The Renewed AQUAxVENTUS club⊰✬⊱ɨ (NOW WITH NEW PIC) The Renewed ♫⊰✬⊱Aqua x Ventus ⊰✬⊱♫ The Cøuᶈle that βeℓɨeves ɨи True ℓøve more tɦan Little Age differeиce [Due to Ventus Air-man making the old one look depressing] ^^Credit goes to DorkyNoodle of Deviantart Reasons 1.they look...
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    for those who beaten ven's scenario? how is isa's name spelled and pronounced? is it with the two dots over the I?
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    tech problems on Khi

    Ok i asked a mod and an admin but no reply since. so i'll just put it here. Whenever i browse around on khi without being logged on, it works perfectly fine. however whenever i do log on it says "404 error" "page cannot be found" and "The server is busy" which i thought if the server was too...
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    possible new saga storyline

    i'm not so sure it's valid considering i don't know alot about how LoD became Castle oblivion. but i'll just say it. i remember back in one of nomura's interviews before it released that a keyblade master has two options, 1) is to rule over the world you were originally from or 2) to search...
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    my lil brother

    i have a little brother. after his freshmen year, he has gone through a lot of depression. He keeps saying that he is the ugliest thing ever. I really feel bad for him because i never seen someone so depressed in my life. I want to make him feel better, but....how can i say he's not ugly...
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    'Have you decided?'

    i was rewatching BBS ending, and something particular caught my ear....it may mean nothing at all but thought it was thread worthy. when riku calls out to sora in BBS secret ending, he asks "have you decided?" i'm guessing sora didn't have a clear answer for him? or maybe he didn't know what...
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    i think i know who this new boss is....

    this was probably mentioned but i'm giong to makea thread about it anyways.... ok, in BBS we know that master Eraqus and terra's heart fused....so in the last episode MX mentions that terra has succumbed to darkness. So let's just say this counts as becoming a heartless. In order to gain a...
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    kh 3d theory (may not actually be related to kh3?)

    well just wanted to talk about my theory but first some thoughts on what led me to the theory. first i was thinking why nomura was being inconsistent to the consoles of kh series and why make it even more complicated than what it is. and why re:coded was made in 3ds than a better console like...