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  • Your not the only one. I found his gameplay a decent change of pace. I felt Ventus was just like playing Roxas or Sora so I couldn't have cared less about him and Aqua was the funnest but Terra was different which can be good.
    His character though ugh. I miss the old "evil Terra" teases I used to see.
    Terra is the most difficult because he has far fewer defensive abilities and low magic power. His dumb character is hard to tolerate after a while too. xD
    Aquas my favorite. I feel like an actual Mage using her. She gets the most spells and the best guard. =D (she's also the easiest though when it comes to difficulty)
    Japanese gods you say? I do like my mythology things. 8D
    Gotta do Assassins creed right now though. =w=
    AoT has a second anime season in the works btw~
    The TG anime is a joke compared to the manga. The manga came first and does the story and characters far better. But you'll likely see that soon enough.
    Kill la Kill is good! Dont let the fanservice throw you off. It's kinda funny people whine of fanservice when both genders aren't exactly dressed. lol

    Sadly I have to go now. It's late where I am. =_=
    I apologize. Dx
    I leave you this till I return: I'M JUST A STONE =u=
    To many favorites to count. But I'll name a few. Mushishi, Kill la Kill, RWBY (if it counts), Attack on Titan and the manga I currently follow most is Tokyo Ghoul.
    Tried the anime but the anime messes up the amazing story of the manga to much to enjoy or even recommend. Tokyo Ghoul manga for life.
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