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    Possibly what the Keyblade looks like?

    That could be what DFKWU's keyblade looks like. For those thinking it looks like Bond of Flames, it looks nothing like it. I don't think it symbolizes anything.
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    About the Ultima Keyblade in the Trailer

    Yeah, at the first scene in the trailer you see Sora fighting Guard Armor.. But he has an Ultima Keyblade card! It wouldn't be really hard if the creators gave Sora that card in the beginning.. So.. why did they do that? Is it because they wanted to show it off?
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    Short scene in Final Battle

    Well.. It's kinda like when Sora was caged in Xemnas' Power Well when the battle starts try to get out of his combo by gliding.. And kinda hitting back. There might be a chance where it changes into a cutscene with a reaction command block. I just found this out like.. today.
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    I examined at the keyblades in Secret Ending

    I examined at the knights keyblades in Secret Ending I examined at the knight's keyblades in the secret ending, and it seems that the left knight is holding an oblivion.. and mickey's keyblade. http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/9088/snapshot1wd.png...
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    Xenmas Quotes Questions

    What did Xenmas mean while you were fighting his armor suit for the 2nd time? Like he says, "Riku, are you jealous of Sora?" <--- Maybe inaccurate What did he mean by that?
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    Materials help

    I need help. Who can tell me which material is between Frost Stone and Lightning Stone? It's a S rank. between Dark Stone and Dense Stone, S rank between Twilight Shard and Mythil Shard, A rank between Bright Crystal and Energy Crystal, B rank.. anyone who can help me, ty. Just say...
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    A Theory about the Mysterious person

    You know the person who was blurred in the sandstorm or something? Walking towards them? It COULD be Xigbar, read the latest interview of Nomura. It says, In the World that Never Was, Xigbar said to Sora "Compared to the ones before this, you're weaker"; does that mean he's comparing Sora to...
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    Combo help

    What's the combo between Jack and Simba?
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    What is the red stuff?

    What's the red stuff along the Proof of Existence walls, are those hearts, why are they going the OTHER way? They kinda look like hearts though, but I'm just asking anyone who knows exactly what they are.
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    Still haven't changed?

    Remember when Seifer said "It is undeniable that we totally owned you lamers." When I played the game, they didn't change it at all. It still bugs me. Pretty soon when FFXIV comes out the characters would be talking l337. Like, "H3ll0!!" Anyone still being bugged by this?
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    Something special about the Intro.

    The KH2 English Intro has something special that the Japanese Intro doesn't have. The part where Namine draws the stairs, and zooms in, the music gave me the feeling of courage. The feeling that makes you feel like you can take on anything. Even a horde of rapists. The Japanese one, well it was...
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    Yes. One question.

    I thought Sora was sleeping in Castle Oblivion. But when he woke up, they were in Twilight Town. I don't get it. I thought they were at Castle Oblivion. Did Namine somehow teleported Sora and his Co when they defeated Marulixua?
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    Demyx help

    Well I'm at Hollow Bastion where you fight Demyx with the water thingys. I got him down to 2 or 1 bar left. Then he used the 10 forms thing. He defeated me. :( I didn't expect him to use that. Any tips for me?
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    Need help with Seymour

    Seymour is hard! REALLY DARN HARD! I'm talking about the Seymour on Mt. Garazet! I guess I'll have to level up like 99 times to kill him easily. I need help killing him! Got any ideas?
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    Kingdom Hearts II Deep Dive Music

    I'm not sure where to put this topic so I'm going to put it here. I got the music that was playing during Deep Dive. I recorded it from the Official English Kingdom Hearts II Site. I haven't seen anyone post this yet. So I might as well post this. Kingdom Hearts II Deep Dive Music