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  • Just to let you know and you don't need to reply this through VM but if want you can still reply this in our PM's but I only have 2 weeks left of this place then I'm going home. Finally this will be all over soon. How has life been treating you so far? Doing any better by any chance?
    I'm just gonna ask through PM. (BTW, what took you long to reply? Busy with something like work or your mom being in jail?)
    It's nothing. *my eyes go back to being aquamarine now* And thanks as well. Wednesday I get a day off and on every other night here in Cedar Point there's an event night for the employee's here. And on my day off there's a water park event night. Yeah, the water park of Cedar Point, (Soak City is what it's called) will be open from 11pm to 1am for all the workers here. Of course there have been ride nights, dance nights, game nights, movie nights as well up here. Happens every day except Friday's and Saturday's because those are the busy weekend day's. But it was nice chatting with you Val. *smiles again and my eyes are gleaming blood red again*
    *has my hand on your head and looks down on to you* It is all right. Your lucky I can be a forgiving person. But still I am deeply sorry for what has happened to you. I do hope everything is pieced up together and you have a good future. *gives you a warm smile to cheer ya up and then gazes down at your neck and my eyes shimmered red* E-excuse me. *steps back*
    Sorry. But you were gone for the past year and from what your old boyfriend Ken (King Sora X) and Rach has told me that you were not to be trusted and try to cheat on me. And I didn't want that to happen to me anymore. Break up I can deal with a bit but behind the back cheating, that's another story. And yeah, love life is chaotic. My job for the first few months has been hard on me including it's the hottest part of the season right now so I've been sweating bullets everyday. At least I'm using up all the Axe deodarant spray my aunt kept buying me the past 2 years. Also I'm sorry for what's happening to you as well. I mean your life is already more hellish then mine is. But at least your trying to get through with it though. So I guess that's a good thing. Sorry that this reply is early in the afternoon but apparently for my work here I'm permantly on night shift, meaning I'm working from 3pm-11:30pm (or whenever there isn't anything to do at my work and my boss tells us to go home).

    Anyway what was your mom smuggling in guy's house? Weed? Crack? Meth? Any of the other following illegal drugs out there? And how long is she held in for? And assuming your dropped out of high school you'll probably not end up in college then huh? Or do you have to take some extra courses so that way your all caught up? Not really sure how an of the school systems work really.
    Lets see. Well due to the last time we ever had a converstation I've been through a lot of things. Well lets see, I've been through a lot of break ups in the past year, mostly 3. Rachel was the first that I've broken up with and that was in the early fall of September. Then I was with Skitty Cat for a while but I guess things didn't click between us. Then a few months ago I was with Yuna97 (Monica) but she didn't really like me that much as boyfriend material even though I loved her and now she's just plain out ignoring me from both here and by cell. Also right now I'm working in a place in Ohio. It's an amusement park called Cedar Point, not sure if you heard or not but it's a nice place to relax at, ride many of the famous roller coasters here and other rides, and enjoy the water rides as well. But haven't really enjoyed much of it cause of work but I have enjoyed it some times with my family when they visited me time after time. I've been here working for about 2 months so far I get out of here by the 2nd of September. Oh also I'm in college now for illustration, graphic design, and animation so I'm gonna be a hardcore artist.....Well not that hardcore but more like amazing. I'm improving by each step I'm in those classes and learning how to make art with a Mac (Note to self: Get enough money to buy a Mac in the future when you get an art career). So yeah, a lot of things have happened lately to me. And right now I am single (XP) so bummer for me though. I'm trying to find a girl to replace Monica though but it's so hard. I really do love her but she just doesn't want to hear it anymore and she already has a boyfriend as well. *sighs* I don't know. Maybe I'm destined to be alone or something probably when my life isn't going nowhere I'll pay a guy to end my life. I'm not gonna commit suicide, don't have the heart to do it. So yeah..........How have you been in the past year?
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