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  • Yup, time changes many things, usually for the worse :\
    Oh I'll send it to you via PM--hold on.

    Lol, internet <3
    I assume the regulars aren't around then? Yup, I'm pretty much going to take your word for it...I'm staying far away from the chat for a while >.> That much is true, n00bs popping up all over the place spouting pointless shit, complaining about the mods being dictators and what not; it's aggravating and painful to look at since most of the complaints are shit we already know about and or is not well written enough to be taken seriously.

    Basically, this site needs a boost in intelligence, but that's only a dream. And yes, it's no surprise that the internet is full of some odd fellows. Just wish they wouldn't come here for fuck this place up even more.

    Sorry about your date :( well I guess Myspace would be the way to go, come to think of it I need to do some updates there.
    Oh wait, that was before the color change >.< nevermind, sorry about that *doink*
    I can imagine you've been here for a while lol, longer then I have that's for sure.

    Meh I stay out of the chat cycle, it's decent at best but there are so many better things to do :\ I can't blame you though, for not being around as often. Priorities in RL are more important..that and KHI is a tad dull these days (time of the year?)
    It's completely understandable, I assume that's why you had to retire as an admin?
    Well I'm just glad you got around to responding this time ^_^
    I don't know you all that well, for that matter I left a meager message at the bottom of your page. However I just hope that you had a happy holiday <3
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