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Recent content by Zul

  1. Zul

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    He's going to get both Namine and Xion just to one-up Sora in every way. "I have a Keyblade" "I have two Keyblades" "I have a Kairi" "I have two Kairis"
  2. Zul

    Kingdom Hearts Series PC Modding Thread

    Welp....that's a different selfie vibe lol.
  3. Zul

    I've accidentally overwritten my Terra save file with a save file of Ventus.

    If I ever get one of those super-complete saves with a ton of hours into it, I save an additional backup of it way down the save list.
  4. Zul


    Greetings! Here is your welcoming kitty.
  5. Zul

    Newbie here!

    Man I haven't been on much and have fallen behind on my welcoming Kitties. Here is your much-delayed welcoming kitty.
  6. Zul

    At which point do you think the story of KH started to become convoluted?

    I voted KH2(technically it started with CoM) for adding too many characters and KH3D for needlessly complicating the mythos. Ansem being an imposter was not that complicated at all imo. Another major factor was that important facts were in scattered Nomura interviews instead of in the games...
  7. Zul

    News ► Introducing the characters, cast, and gameplay of NEO: The World Ends With You

    Yozora accidentally found Quadratum, then mentions he does not really look like he does. Shiki looked like Eri in the Shibuya UG. I wonder if one of those characters is actually a TWEWY character in disguise.
  8. Zul

    KH Shower Thoughts

    Spoilers for KhuX final cutscenes.
  9. Zul

    How would you feel if it was revealed the Master of Masters wasn’t the main antagonist?

    Nomura is porting over a lot of things he wanted in Versus over to KH. You can clearly see MoM take after a lot of Ardyn's traits (silly exterior, implied grim/serious true personality). So I wouldn't be surprised if MoM & Darkness had a relationship similar to how Nomura originally wanted...
  10. Zul

    Come up with a game idea that’ll sell horribly

    A racing game using the same tracks & scaling as a typical car racing game but is only played with sloths.
  11. Zul

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - June 10th 2021 - Weiss Rises

    NGL I actually want no voice acting at all. Recently played some old FFs and I enjoyed the lack of anime noises and awkward nods immensely.
  12. Zul


    Greetings, here is your welcoming kitty! mlem mlem
  13. Zul

    can all the awards be small again

    Ancient members, ancient members everywhere. what d00
  14. Zul

    Final Fantasy IX

    Oh man....that...was....HORRIBLE. I would recommend AGAINST doing this, tons of the challenge was RNG based, having to reset a bajillion times just hoping the boss wouldn't 1-shot me.
  15. Zul

    Final Fantasy IX

    It's by far my favorite FF too, and yeah I find Vivi's death way more tragic than the other well known ones. I'm currently doing an Excalibur II "perfect game" run (have to play the whole game at level 1) and it's agony, I don't think I'd every try it on the PS1 version (I have a fast-forward...