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Recent content by Zul

  1. Z

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - June 10th 2021 - Weiss Rises

    NGL I actually want no voice acting at all. Recently played some old FFs and I enjoyed the lack of anime noises and awkward nods immensely.
  2. Z


    Greetings, here is your welcoming kitty! mlem mlem
  3. Z

    can all the awards be small again

    Ancient members, ancient members everywhere. what d00
  4. Z

    Final Fantasy IX

    Oh man....that...was....HORRIBLE. I would recommend AGAINST doing this, tons of the challenge was RNG based, having to reset a bajillion times just hoping the boss wouldn't 1-shot me.
  5. Z

    Final Fantasy IX

    It's by far my favorite FF too, and yeah I find Vivi's death way more tragic than the other well known ones. I'm currently doing an Excalibur II "perfect game" run (have to play the whole game at level 1) and it's agony, I don't think I'd every try it on the PS1 version (I have a fast-forward...
  6. Z


    Greetings, here, have a welcoming kitty(kitties).
  7. Z

    Hi Everybody! Newbie here!

    Greetings, here is your welcoming Kitty! (gotta click to see the gif)
  8. Z

    Existential realization

    Interviewer: How has your experience as a KHI staff member affected you? Spockanort:
  9. Z

    Politics Hey Americans...

    There were Jews who fought in Hitler's army in WW2. In fact corporate shills are probably one of the less severe varieties of those who venerate their enemies. But yeah, it's ridiculous, I still see it happening left and right with "brand loyalty", hundreds of people happily marketing nVidia or...
  10. Z

    TV ► [RUMORS] Harry Potter Live-Action TV-series in Early Development

    There's audio of Amber admitting she hit Depp...it'd be questionable to support him if there was solid evidence he did the abuse and evidence that she didn't. As it stands right now, she took full advantage of the #metoo movement to vilify him. The main problem here though, is that you...
  11. Z

    Politics Hey Americans...

    Yeah I fixed it, I should've added that I meant to those who stormed the Capitol.
  12. Z

    Politics Hey Americans...

    This actually happened a few times and the stories are beyond horrific. :sick: Also, no last minute pardons were handed out(Clarity edit: no pardons to anyone who stormed the Capitol), cue Capitol Terrorists Loyal Brave Patriots wailing at being thrown under the bus by a man they idolized and...
  13. Z

    Politics Hey Americans...

    I really don't want someone who thinks they have nothing to lose to have nuclear launch codes. Amendment 25 this right now. In addition, Biden will need to come down hard on these domestic terrorists for every second he holds office. The blues were horribly complacent in 2016, they thought...
  14. Z

    Hello there!

    Greetings! Here is your welcoming kitty.
  15. Z

    Kairi: The Thread

    Got you covered. (leaked KH4 Scene)