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    Master Form Lv. 6 & 7?

    I know there in the game but for some reason I cant gain any more experience in master form past level 5 is there something else I have to do besides collect drive forms to obtain Lv 6 and 7 with master form? Thanks for your help :thumbup:
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    .:*=*Leveled Up Graphics*=*:.

    .:*=*Leveled Up Graphics*=*:. Graphics on a whole new level Level Up Graphics is an organization built to fulfill requests. We are made up of a shop, created to carry out graphics related tasks. We will assign our members graphic requests. To join, just state the following: Program: (No MS...
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    did you know

    Xalechim is boy!? well of course you did it even spells Michael just like organization XIII (thinks about how much of a KH geek he is) well just wanted to mention it because someone thought I was a girl lol...
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    limited edition KH:GBA SP!

    has anyone seen one of these my freind bought one off ebay and it looks awsome......seeing how i dont own a gba sp i might buy it what do u guys think
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    {\':'~Ars Arcanum~':'/}

    {\':'~Ars Arcanum~':'/} Looking for a place to hang out where you can post your animation and not get bad cnc well look no further because {\':'~Ars Arcanum~':'/} is here this place is to post animation and to learn animation. Members .Xalechim. .lionheart516. .Mistshade...
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    Magna scans

    I have a feeling that not only is this old but im gonna get flamed so please dont say either Please just dont post and get a mod to close it lol. well anyway i foundthis site that lets u read every page of all the kh magnas volume 1 & 2 in excellent quality heres the link magna...
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    Here you can speculate rumors on the game and the expected release date speaking of that does anybody know when it is?
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    problem with Jimmenys Journal

    i beat the game and completed it 100% but i wanted to replay some stuff so i saved a diffrent file before TWTNW now i have saved over my original file so basically i have 1 file right before TWTNW. yesterday i beat the game again but it says i dont have every character is it possible for me to...
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    Beating Xaldin Thread

    here is what i feel the best way to beat Xaldin this fight is very hard. before entering equip your entire group with potions and high-potions. As the battle begins try jumping attacks because Xaldins moves are difficult to guard on ground. Make sure you have donald and beast in your party. If...
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    "you Beat Sephiroth" Thread

    If you beat him heres where to post it and why notfill out a templete so everyone can see your stats level: Keyblade: tries: heres mine level:81 keyblade: Ultima Weapon tries: 4 now you go
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    Organization XIII theme

    What is the name of their theme song?
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    this is weird

    look at this ebay auction http://cgi.ebay.com/Kingdom-Hearts-II-RARE-Soda-Can-ps2-JAPAN-sora-sony_W0QQitemZ8275472227QQcategoryZ62053QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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    The Fall Of Riku Video

    This is my third video. its slightly funny and it shows how Riku becomes evil in KH. hope you enjoy. THE FALL OF RIKU
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    The Fall Of Riku Video

    This is my third video. its slightly funny and it shows how Riku becomes evil in KH. hope you enjoy. THE FALL OF RIKU
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    My latest vid

    its a recap of KH with S & C. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPl87RWuzhQ enjoy