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    After [insert how long]

    after ..... whoknowshowlong, im actually back here xD; hm, this site's changed a lot since the way way way last visit... roflol. we'll cantexpect much yet but you guys should be seeing me around more alive then dead for a few days i guess xD;;; so........ I'M BACK LOOOOOOL >8D
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    It's been awhile so yeah..

    title explains all. worked on this for days.. im taming the tablet atm :3 *taming- 89%* this pic was also for a contest :3 coloring's rather amatuer still enjoyed working on this ^^ critique it, comment it if you wish ^^ though crits ARE greatly appreaciated :3 too much light x_x; will also...
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    Happy Birthday Lenya

    Happy Birthday buddie :'D well its tom yea but its advance cuz i dunnow if im gonna on tom to actually greet you on the actual date xD happy holidays as well ^w^
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    going to be gone for awhile

    ah hii ^^;; er yea, as title implies, not going to be on for awhile (not sure how long though) main reason: the monitor of our pc got fried (again... but its not my fault it smelled burned and boom /sweatdrop) and not sure when it will be repaired. maybe a week or so but who knows? :/ so this...
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    Within boundaries

    ah just been working on this one for like... errr today.. comments and critisizm welcome here :3 not sure if this'll be good (like i ever wrote sumtin good /sweatdrop) (woot another fic<--sarcasm) .: Prologue :. “We will not take much more of this insolence mortal…” a voice spoke. The moon...
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    Honey and Clover

    no im serious. its really the title ^^;;; anybody watched the anime? its really good XD there arent much episodes since the first season ends with about 20+ while the second only had like 12 O_O but they still are awesome.
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    Chrono Cross

    not really sure if this is the right place but does anybody else like or have played the game before? It's an awesome game. I LOVE IT! XD the music really is awesome and the graphics are okay too :3 (i likey the cg parts X3 ) and the story/plot is interesting too :3 anybody can post their...
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    help needed....

    alright, im having a hard time over this problem. i really need advice about this... alrighty.. :(p.s..... please help.. im really in need of advice) it's about some months now that i met this guy. and well... when he asked if i could be his.. uhm... gf, i said 'yes'. well, things havent been...
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    * the ~Lenya~ fan club!!!! <3*

    not sure if a lot know her here but she's really kind and awesome in art that she deserves a fanclub if you want you can check here awesome art here =3 :thumbsup: Flonne-Chan on deviantART if you wanna join this fanclub for her awesomeness please do so XD:thumbsup: current members...
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    Ruroni Kenshin

    okay... nobody knows karekano... TT moving on. im sure some people have heard and watched this anime. serously i'll slap myself if nobody has heard of this. and sorry if there are misspells. moving on.... it's the greatest acton anime w/ swords that i've watched. and kenshin rules! along w/...
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    Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyo

    it's known also as "karekano" or "his and her circumstance" in english. well, its mostly about two highschool students, yukino and soujiro. its really a good anime, with a few ep. of drama and comedy. and has anybody else seen this and likes it??
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    Chrono Cross help please

    has anybody finished the game? well, i need help... im stuck since i don't know what to do. after talkng to Glenn, what should i do? i need help... on the save data it said "on to water dragon isle..." but theres a big block of ice blocking the path... im soo confused..HELP PLZ!!!
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    follow true love? or the one you have?

    After reading, nana, this came to me... suppose a guy is committed to somebody. They love each other very much but it changed when the guy fell in love with someone else. Of course, I often hear people say follow true love (aka. heart) but isn't it mean? considering both circumstances, what...
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    Knight's journey: Likke of Twilight

    Well, I'm pretty bored so I might as well post this up... I know you people are way better so I don't stand a chance. This is my second attempt at writing so tell me what you think. *gulp* Prologue "The ocean..." A young person stood facing the sea. His dark blue...
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    You know you're playing too much KH

    I've been reading the magazine of somesorts that came from my old school when the topic of one of them seemed to relate. I'm saying this this so that i won't be accused of plagiarism. The idea came from a different person and i based this from the editorial "You know you're watching too much...