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    Do we, or do we not, know this?

    Actually, Xehanort did find Heartless within Hollow Bastion before his experiments. Heartless were present, they were just small in number. What was it that Yen Sid said? "The Heartless are darkness made real - and darkness yet lingers in every heart. The Heartless are fewer. But while darkness...
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    Do we, or do we not, know this?

    Yeah, I reckon that Nobodies have been around as long as Heartless have. Think about it, as long as a heart can be consumed by the darkness, forming a Heartless, then a Nobody would be formed, providing that the heart was strong. But the problem is, they were just there. With no goal and no one...
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    Mickey's letter

    *cough*The World that Never Was*cough* I've been going on with this but people don't ever seem to listen. Kairi has shown proficiency in using a weapon, it's just she's always taken out of the picture due to Sora and Riku's constant need to get her out of danger. She spent a good nine years on...
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    The Dark Guardian

    And yet, none of them have a beard. shamisen
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    I think people are giving Ven a greater role than he has....

    Yeah, and a Light equivelant to the Heartless. I imagine that sort of stuff would appear if you were to explore the realm of Darkness, much like the Heartless appearing in the realm of Light.
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    anyone worried that the NA voice acting might suck?

    Listen to him taunt Simba in KHII. I think he'd be awesome as Vanitas.
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    BBS Website Update for 1/15

    Check out the world section - Mirage Arena. There's renders for the armor forms.
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    I think people are giving Ven a greater role than he has....

    Have to disagree there. The secret boss was essentially just a remnant of Vanitas in the same way you could fight the Organization members ('cept Xion) in KHII:FM+. I would like to see him return, but I would also like to see Roxas, Ventus, Xion, Sora and Vanitas in an ultimate team-up, and I...
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    I think people are giving Ven a greater role than he has....

    Kairi is capable of defending herself (she uses a Keyblade proficiently in KHII). She just never, EVER has a weapon to fufil those means, hence, the apparent uselessness. Remember that she would visit an island with five other kids who enjoyed beating the ever loving crap out of each other, it'd...
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    MX's intentions

    They're arrogant enough to believe they'll be able to win.
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    Then provide such visual evidence you moron.facepalm
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    He didn't even win the battle, there's no proof that he's right.
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    CIVILISED? Are you kidding me? Pictures are easy, find the image, upload the image to somewhere like Imageshack, then take the URL and post tags around it.
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    That isn't evidence. Now grow up, and use pictures that prove your point. Asshole.
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    We have no proof of that. And Sora taught himself how to use the Keyblade, so I'm pretty sure you can possess the Keyblade and be trained by someone who doesn't.