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Recent content by shadow_heartless

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    Random Story

    Ok so i played this at school and thought it was fun.The way you play it is like this: the first person comes up with a random topic. then the second person creates a bigining for the topic then the story goes on that stuff,BUT if someone wants to change the topic all they have to do is type the...
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    Jorge Lopez

    Just wondering who else besides me watches Jorge Lopez
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    <------*Evanescence FANCLUB*------>

    IDK if there is one of these but i didnt see one so anyways this is for one of my fave Bands in the world Evanescence no duh. Well if you wanna join you have to put "Evanescence" in a way you like on your siggi. Members: Shadow_heartless Key_Of_Hearts
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    <(-_-)> The bwak FANCLUB<(-_-)>

    This is for the firs Soulja Boy obsessed guy i met (A.K.A bwak) Members: shadow_heartless keybladeofsteel Holy Zero XII
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    The Black Tattoo

    Has anyone read this book called "The black tattoo by Sam Enthoven? I've been reading it for some time now and i fond it pertty interesting.
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    Linkin Park .vs. Three Day Grace

    Well just wondering with one of these two bands is heard the most.So you pick. I chose Linkin Park i listen to it alot at school when i'm bored
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    Alice Nine >D

    Just wanted to know if anyone besides me likes Alice Nine and if you've never heard it heres a song link YouTube - Fantasy - Alice Nine
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    <(o_O)>ThePowerOfPie FAN CLUB!!!!!<(O_o)>

    okies just thought i make this for my SUPER AWESOME BESTFRIEND on KHI (A.K.A ThePowerOfPie). Wellz here goes nothing,lol Members: Shadow_Heartless ashes to ashes bwak Holy Zero XII keybladeofsteel nojerom_14 NeloAngelo Skater Nobody Kairi3.0 bluesky-X kindomgking411 mike2014
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    Mr.Bean's Holiday

    Has anyone seen this movie?Its pertty funnie and entertaining.
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    Death's Night *Zombie RP*

    Well this is my first time making one of these here but eh i'll give it a try "Dr.Richard Brichwater and his lab assistant Mrs.Vivian Langley have discovered a new medicen with chemicals used for atomic bombs" read the head line on every news paper in Rowel.Most people just left...
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    Rozen Maiden

    Anyone seen The Rozen Maiden Serise? *sorry if i spelled that wrong* I love this Anime,Expesioly Suigintou Shes awesome
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    Street fighter.VS.Mortal combat

    well my cuzin and i started a fight between Mortal combat&Street fighterwe're still trying to figure out witch one is better than the other.So what do you guys think?
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    Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

    Has enyone seen this show its so funny if you havent this is what its about there are four boys and one girl.the girl is kind of a gothic person.so the four guys are trying to turn the girl*sunako*into a proper lady if they dont they get kicked out of the house with they live in cuz of their...
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    My Chemical Romance FAN CLUB!!!!!

    well i dont know if there is something like this but i didnt see it. so this is the MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE FAN CLUB. you can talk of the songs they made,express your fan isim of My chemical romance or disscuss things on their cds stuff like that. i dont have a problem if you start talking about...
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    use sleghts and lv ups it should work cuz i did that and i defeated her so try it ,k