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Recent content by Santuary

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    Re: Coded, FEB 2011 release for Europe?

    Re: Coded, FEB 2011 release for Europe? I dunno if any has posted this already (I have checked around as much as possible), but according to the GAME and Gamestation websites, Re: Coded is scheduled for a February 2011 release in the UK (and possibly Europe as a whole). Kingdom Hearts Re:coded...
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    Sora's in-game sound clips?

    Ah man, I don't think I have the software for that kinda thing!! (I've never done anything like that before). Well, thnx for the long explination anyway, much appreciated.
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    Sora's in-game sound clips?

    Is there any place where I can download a sound file containing all of Soras in-game battle quotes? ("Hah!!" "Back off" "This is it!!" "Give me strength!!" etc.) And I mean actual soundclips ripped straight from the games programming (instead of of just being taken from gameplay videos and such).
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    BbS Mod reveals scrapped world...

    How can I tell who the mods are? (Give me the name of a mod to PM) EDIT: Never mind I think I got it.
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    BbS Release Date Announced

    I assume your playing the Japanese version? So am I. But even so, I'll still be sure to ask for the game for my birthday :)
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    BbS Mod reveals scrapped world...

    And the fact that the Pinnochio world was scrapped from Days is? Ya know, why are we still discussing? The thread can be closed now.
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    BbS Mod reveals scrapped world...

    Okay, granted. But if this has been known for a week already, why hasn't it made front page news yet?
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    BbS Mod reveals scrapped world...

    Oh really...? Why does nobody ever bother to post it on the homepage!? DX
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    BbS Mod reveals scrapped world...

    It was only a matter of time before BbS would get hacked; and upon doing so, an unused Disney world has been discovered hidden away in the games programming. Which world is it you ask? Well, waaaaaaay back during the developement of KH1, remember when Nomura said that one of the Disney worlds...
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    Shark Robot jumps on KH merch bandwagon

    It seems Hot Topic are not the only ones getting in on the KH fandom. Another company called Shark Robot have released three KH t-shirts. There not really "spectucular" but still worth a look overall. Heartless Symbol t-shirt Nobody Symbol t-shirt And there's even an... Unversed Symbol...
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    New Scenes in English version of BBS

    There was a clue in the Japanese version that Yen Sid and MX have met before In Aquas ending, Yen Sid talks about MX as if he's met him Perhaps a scene showing that meeting?
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    New Days novel cover and more Hot Topic stuff

    I dunno if this has been posted yet, (I've already checked as much as I could) but for those who are interested, the cover for the 3rd Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days novel has been revealed The novel will be released on May 28th 2010. As well as this, Hot Topic have released yet another bunch of...
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    Things about Vanitas never explained...(WARNING: Spoilers ahead)

    Yeah, I realised the second I posted it. Can somebody move it please? I was talking about the fact that both there weapons had the blue eye on them, but that pretty much aplies.
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    Things about Vanitas never explained...(WARNING: Spoilers ahead)

    WARNING: THE FOLLOWING THREAD CONTAINS SPOILERS!! DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! So, it turned out that Vanitas had connections to Sora; they share the same voice, and he had Soras face under his helmet, with black hair and yellow eyes and the reason for...