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Recent content by sakonan7

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    How does Pride represent MoM's character

    I theorize that the Master of Masters is using the Foretellers' pride against them. I'm theorizing this based on how he manipulated people. With Xehanort, he specifically piques his ego to manipulate him. Maybe this is why he isn't just identified by a name based on the Latin word for pride...
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    News ► Shiro Amano shares preview of KH3 Manga Vol. 2 cover art

    I like how Shiro Amano always draws Mickey as looking aggressive lol.
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    News ► NEO: The World Ends With You announced to release Summer 2021

    I thought that was Yozora for a minute lol. But dang, I think this is a prequel because Minamimoto looks different and isn't Neku's partner like that girl from A New Day wanted
  4. S

    News ► Playstation Japan interview on Melody of Memory fully translated!

    Yeah, trailers for Japanese games tend to tell you the whole plot
  5. S

    News ► Playstation Japan interview on Melody of Memory fully translated!

    Imagine this interview is a lie and there's a ton of plot in this game XD
  6. S

    The creation of Naminé and Roxas makes 0 sense. Please help me.

    Silence, traitor. Lmao jk. Joking aside, this really does make no sense lol. One explanation for some of the stuff is that Ven's heart wasn't released, it was still part of Sora's because Ven's heart was damaged. I'm pretty sure Roxas can dual wield not because it's a special ability but because...
  7. S

    News ► Unreal Engine Spotlight focuses on KINGDOM HEARTS 3

    It does make sense to make it for mobile because Dark Road might be long and is a part of Union Cross. I'm hoping they make something like a back cover for Union Cross and Dark Road though.
  8. S

    KH Character Files: Short Stories - Xigbar, Marluxia, Larxene

    Larxene: I hate everything Vanitas: I hate everything Larxene and Vanitas: I hate that you hate everything You can tell that these two can have a very hating relationship together lol
  9. S

    Sora is the MOM? Theory (KH3RM/UXDR Spoilers) Please share your thoughts...

    Sora became a special snowflake the moment he got a Keyblade by chance lol. Keyblade Wielders are not ordinary lol. Also, nothing's ever stopping an ordinary person from becoming special. It's not unbelievable if MoM is future Sora because wielders can become masters (let's remember Sora took...
  10. S

    KH Character Files: Short Stories - Xigbar, Marluxia, Larxene

    It does make sense because Marluxia, Larxene, Luxord and Demyx don't remember their past lives. Also, we don't know how long Marluxia has been in the Organization. He was probably there long enough to start figuring out that Xemnas didn't have the Organization's interests in mind. I get the idea...
  11. S

    Sora is the MOM? Theory (KH3RM/UXDR Spoilers) Please share your thoughts...

    I think Sora and Yozora are incarnations of MoM. Maybe for Sora, MoM created Sora to see what would happen if he didn't have a Keyblade. I think MoM might look like both of them. MoM definitely doesn't use the name Sora because when Xehanort meets Sora, he dismisses him as a nobody. MoM's name...
  12. S

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory rated E10+ by ESRB

    I think there's this rating too because it looks like the parts with Kairi's past are partially child unfriendly. The movie Logan had to up its rating to have the child unfriendly parts. The violence was just a benefit that came with the R rating. I think most of the games had at least one...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road website updates with new screenshots & videos

    It looks like Xehanort's the only classmate who uses a different stance. Notice how there's no gameplay of Bragi. I'm getting the idea his stance is like Xigbar's if he's actually Luxu.
  14. S

    News ► Master Odin is confirmed as Xehanort's Master in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

    Master Odin also makes me wonder if other Keyblade Masters are named after the summons from Final Fantasy. Odin is a summon from Final Fantasy and Yozora fights Bahamut in his game, Verum Rex