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    Question about Yuna, Rikku fairie summons

    I haven't got the game yet, but I read on Wikipida (I know I mixed up the name of the site, but if you need a link I'll give it to you), that the Yuna and Rikku faerie summons only pretend to help Sora, but really work for Maleficient (sp?) because she's a higher bidder. I know this is old news...
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    Kh Anime!?! I found this on a KH board and I'm wondering if Nomura really mentioned this. That would be great if it's true!
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    These Real Translations?

    I was searching around and found these translations. Someone said they got them on IGN? I think it's from a video with Sora on his knees talking to Zexion the unhooded unknown. But are these translations real? If they are they explain a lot. If this was already posted please no flaming, for I...
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    Kairis KH2 part....

    What do you think if Kairi's part in Kingdom Hearts two? Do you think that she's going to actually go out there and help Sora or just stay on the island as the love bird in distress over her missing prince? Please no flaming. I'm just wondering what you all thought about it. We have seen scans...
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    Game Shark

    I was wondering what you all thought about game shark. I just bought one (after getting horribly stuck on a game), and heard it can clear your memory card. I don't want this to happen. Is gameshark really a help or no?
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    Rikus change because of Sora...

    I decided to start this thread after thinking on the subject some. I didn't mean this to be spam, so please, no flaming. This is a thread about things that you thought didn't quite make sense in KH. I know many of you will think everything was perfect, and this thread is just useless, but I beg...
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    Help with KH trailers from filefront!

    I know this is probably in the wrong board, but on they have awesome trailer, like ones that were from the Final Mix. But they use filefront, which on my computer takes twelve hours to load a two minute trailer. *sniff* Do any of you know how to watch the final mix trailers without...
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    Help on Beating last three bosses in Hollow Bastion

    I have the guide and everything, but sometimes they leave things out. So how do I beat the dragon, 2nd Riku, and bemoth in Hollow Bastion? Any tips other than the ones in the guide for someone who is only on level 42?
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    What happened Inbetween CoM and KH2?

    I don't know if CoM explained this and I just didn't get the memo or what. I'm also not sure if this issue was already addressed or not. But it has been said that KH2 took place one year after CoM. So what happened to Sora and Riku during that time? Did they just sit around or what? :confused: