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    News ► TWEWY -Solo Remix- TGS 2012 Trailer Released!

    I dunno how far you are in DDD, but I'd recommend playing TWEWY -first- because Tracerse Town makes no sense otherwise. I mean, play 'em in whatever order ya like, but if you know what's going on it makes it a lot better. Also, DDD contains (very thinly veiled) spoilers for TWEWY.
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    News ► TWEWY -Solo Remix- TGS 2012 Trailer Released!

    The trailer is beautiful. Definitely makes me want to play it! ..Though I've already beaten it on the iPhone, but I can play again :P I had to laugh because they used some things from the original trailer (like Neku flying up a building) that aren't in the game. They make for a fun video though!
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    Nintendo eShop KH3D Demo Impressions

    So! Demo impression time. First off: the cutscene. I will stress this: I LOVE HJO's voice for Sora this time around. It sounds incredibly natural and he did a great job with the delivery. And then Neku showed up. Man. I am incredibly excited for this game, because wow - hearing Neku fully...
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    Shad draws things and a vast majority of it is TWEWY fanart

    (Hey wait that's Supernatural fanart) (Hey wait that's Homestuck fanart) Anyways holy crap that was a lot of images. 'Pologize about that. ....and I would have posted more, but there's a limit. -sobs- OH, and I also made a song.
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    First time making these

    Can you tell who my favorite character is? I don't think people will know. /sarcasm And then a non-TWEWY one: (That one's an ad and not much is edited in it at all oops)
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    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    I'm pretty sure one "try" is turning the demo program on and then closing it completely. I'm not completely sure on that, but I've heard people say that if you keep it running it's still on the same try. I could be wrong though, because I haven't done that... Anyways, by the way, does anyone...
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    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You Hello there, beautiful TWEWY thread. I always wanted a sequel, but I think a prequel would rock, too. There's a lot that some of the characters *coughkariyacough* mention that allude to events before the game, but that we never actually know about, and there are...
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    Good day KHI forumites! I'm Reapershadcat, also known as "Reaps" or "Shad." I've been surfing the forums for some time now but never actually joined until now, whoops. As I'm sure you can tell by my... everything, I'm a pretty avid TWEWY enthusiast. I like Kingdom Hearts as well (..duh, hence...