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YouTube: Perkilator XIII (formerly Perkilator Gaming)
Sub-Names: Spoopilator, Turkey-Legger, Jingilator
KH13: lollygagger19
DeviantArt: herotrainer7

I'm an autistic teenager who likes to mostly just sit around and play video games in my free time. I'm also a skilled Freestyle swimmer who's done nearly 10 100's on 2:00, a former drummer, and a fanfiction writer. I'm also a kigurumi fanatic. X3

UPDATE (5/26/18): NEW avatar by Yessie Maltese: https://yessiemaltese.deviantart.com

Video games (duh!), swimming, writing, kigurumi
Writer, comedian
PlayStation Network ID
Xbox LIVE Gamertag
Currently playing
Trying to adjust with today's current hardships while having some of my own: the game.


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