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    Why did xehanort a voice change in kh3?

    He was recast both in the Japanese and English versions because both VAs passed away.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Everybody refers to Scrooge as Uncle Scrooge. It's his comic book title. Goofy weirded me out a bit when he said it though.
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    The thing with Chess Xehanort's silver eyes is that Young Xehanort had yellow eyes before the time travel. And that stuff is supposedly before he left the Destiny Islands. At least in his render. Not sure if we see his eyes in-game.
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    Personal Disappointments and Pleasures in KH3

    Both Robert Constanzo (Phil's voice in Kingdom Hearts) and Danny DeVito (his voice in the movie) are still alive.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Yozora looks even more like Sasuke than Noctis did thanks to those eyes of different colors.
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    As early as his appearance in Olympus I was expecting him to be someone from the Chi era. I was more leaning to him being the MoM from their shared manneirisms so I was still taken by surprise when he turned out to be Luxu.