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    The Dilemma (FF XIII and FF XIII-2)

    Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy or any of their characters Rated: T Description: The trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 has serviced on the internet. Unfortunately for Snow, Fang, Sazh, Hope and Vanille, they aren't shown anywhere. How will they react? Alas the tales of Final Fantasy XIII...
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    Operation Bandana (FF XIII)

    Rated: T Description: Curiosity didn't kill the cat this time Genre: Humor There was a mystery behind that Snow character and Fang knew it. It wasn't how he could defeat monsters without a weapon of any sorts. It certainly wasn't the fact that he could still be alive during this time without...
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    Better Left Un Answered (KH)

    Rated: K+ Description: Roxas and Xion learn that there are just some things better left unanswered. Roxas sat up on the clock tower overlooking Twilight Town. He was the first to arrive and he waited for his two best friends to arrive, if they do arrive this time that is. Suddenly he felt...
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    Operation Bandana (Final Fantasy XIII) **One Shot**

    Plot: Curiosity didn't kill the cat this time AN: this idea came from a joke my mum made when I was playing Final Fantasy XIII (That Snow was probably bald under his bandana). So this one shot is dedicated to my mum. Operation Bandana There was a mystery behind that Snow character and Fang...
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    Secret Mission: Summer Vacation

    this is the sequel to Secret Mission: High School so if you've never read it before I suggest you do before you read this one. Description: After the school year had finished the organization decided to stay at Destiny Islands for summer vacation but more trouble is in store. More action, more...
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    Final Fantasy XII - Truth or Dare (one shot)

    Title: Truth or Dare Genre: Humor Note: This is an old one shot I wrote for my friend because she's obsessed with FF XII. It's old so it might not be that good It was a peaceful night in the Ozmone Plains. The party was camping out for the night after trying to raise up their levels before...
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    It's my B-day

    and I turned 14 yesterday but I didn't have time to post then ^^;
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    Secret Mission: High School

    Note: This is my first multi-chaptered fanfiction so don't expect too much ^^; Description: What happens when Xemnas gives Roxas, Axel, Xion, Larxene, Demyx and Zexion a mission to disguise as exchange students and collect hearts at the same time? Trouble that's what! Slightly AU and Some...
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    About "Games Japan festa"

    I dunno if this was mentioned before, but by the looks of things I don't think they'll be any KH in Games Japan Festa 2008„ o“WEƒ\ƒtƒg I'm not entirely sure though