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Recent content by Master Ultima

  1. Master Ultima

    Unchained X Release date?

    The TGS trailer for Unchained X has yet to be released and with the game already out in Japan what do you think the release date for North America and other countries will be?
  2. Master Ultima

    Favorite Characters in KH2

    Riku would be willing to do anything to protect his friends and defeat the enemies that lie in wait for them. Even if it means diving back into the darkness to do so. He is my favorite character in KH2.
  3. Master Ultima

    News ► Anti-Form and Mickey Summon Trophies Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 2.5

    I too don't know too much about trophies my self but I've died against Xaldin a few times and summoned Mickey. Also during the fight against Xigbar I was in my Anit form as well. These trophies you could probably get easily.
  4. Master Ultima

    BBS Capes...come on! the capes

    The movement of the cape would be better if he was flying instead of physically moving.
  5. Master Ultima


    I think with KH3D I was close to level 99 with Riku. I got all my dream eaters just to get the abilities I wanted to use. And I also best Julius with both Sora and Riku.
  6. Master Ultima

    BBS Capes...come on! the capes

    I thought about that with a couple of the characters. I also imagine Riku sitting on the rooftop with is keyblade in the ground and grinning on everyone from above. And if he was wearing keyblade armor that would be even more epic.
  7. Master Ultima

    Would you have preferred

    Xion did the right thing by returning Sora as did Roxas. Xion knew what Xemnas was planning and wanted to set things right.
  8. Master Ultima

    Favorite Organization 13 Member??

    My favorite is Marluxia. That big scythe he has can cut through anything and do some serious damage.
  9. Master Ultima

    Why is there such a low completion rate on the HD collection?

    KH Re com uses a card battle system. I struggled with how the battle system and combat system works at first. Maybe the reason why people don't complete some of the games is because the battle system and combat system are too complex.
  10. Master Ultima

    BBS Capes...come on! the capes

    They also mentioned that if they did add capes in BBS then they would have to change how the characters would move. Even with their armor off they would have to change the movement of Terra, Aqua, and Ventus as a whole and it would be very difficult to work around.
  11. Master Ultima

    What's something you wish had made it into the HD collection that wasn't there?

    Re: What's something you wish had made it into the hd collection that wasn't there? I would've love a theater mode in KHFM as well. They could've added one in HD1.5 Remix but it probably would've taken too long cause they didn't want to slow down the development of KHIII.
  12. Master Ultima

    Which are you more excited for?

    I heard it pretty much 3 hours of content will feature bold new and old content. The first hour I think would show old content and the remaining 2 hours would show new content from Disney worlds never seen in the original.
  13. Master Ultima

    Why didn't they record new lines for the secret Xemnas battle?

    The reason they didn't record new lines because they probably wanted to keep it the same as the original final mix. They could've added lines in the Japanese version and English of HD1.5 Remix but decided to keep close to the original I think.
  14. Master Ultima

    Which are you more excited for?

    I gotta ask man, what game are you most excited about?
  15. Master Ultima

    How many people beat Leon at the beginning of KH

    When I first faced him i ran around as well until I notice attacking him from behind was his weak spot. I've a lot of walktroughs and people attack from the front instead of from behind.