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    Share ur avatar (no spoilers)

    Mine got updated ALOT xD
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    Castle Oblivion question

    Can someone please answer that question?
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    Share ur avatar (no spoilers)

    Yeah, I was wondering how to take a pic of it since my cam is effed up, so I used mny sister's DSi since I was using mine xD i was kinda surprised myself since it was very dark where I was.
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    Share ur avatar (no spoilers)

    Thanks, it was taken with another DSi xD And YES!
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    Share ur avatar (no spoilers)

    Here's mine!! :P Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    Got the game? Want to share your thoughts? Re:coded impressions thread.

    Re:Coded has Critical Mode?! Ugh, now I hate myself even more for not being able to get it on the first day xD I tried not to listen to much about it cause I already knew a couple of things, but now I'm even more exited for getting it today! xD
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    Got the game? Want to share your thoughts? Re:coded impressions thread.

    I've been anxiously waiting to see how I could get this game without having any money!! And finally I was able to!! Gonna get this game tomorrow and can't wait!! :P So for now my impression would be... IUNNO Dx
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    spoilers: Re:coded Mugshots

    Thanks a whole bunch for this! :3
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    Did anyone Import Re:Coded??

    Re:Coded has a Critical Mode?! Woot!! This calls for a change in signature~
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    Mystery Man On Destiny Islands

    Yeah, it's Master Xehanort :3
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    In KH3 does anyone think that Sora and Riku will save Aqua,Ven and Terra?

    The only thing wrong with this theory is that, as stated by Nomura himself, the concept of death doesn't exist in KH, unless of course by sacrificing you mean something else then skip this post
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    Favorite Command and Command Style?

    Command: Thundaga Shot Style: Ghost Drive
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    KH2FM secret ending (with voices)

    Amazing -claps- You did very good! :3
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    Has anyone else noticed......

    Now I wanna play Crisis Core...
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    My Copy of BBS finally came in

    -Looks at the date- O-O