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    LedxirnSimon's (Windblast's) Digital stuff (Drawings/Modding)~

    This is a thread where I post my drawing and game modding stuff here. There will be more stuff to come as time goes on. Ledxirn/Windblast~~
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    What's your Dream about Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Let's Discuss about our dreams about Kingdom hearts 3! Anything else related to story plot, Game design or overall. Last night, I had a dream about KH3. It seemed to be heavily story plot related. [/CENTER] Now what's about your dream?
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    Stance angle bug in No heart fight?

    I'm not sure if anyone may have noticed that bug in No heart battle where No heart's battle stance tilted in 0,5 or 10 degrees angle, even that made some of Noheart's moves miss like firing three shots of darkness up in midair instead of on the ground. I have no idea about how the bug occurred...
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    How do I unlock Noheart in Mirage arena in BBS FM?

    After beating light's lessons, armor of the master. the mirage arena got leveled up to 29, got stuck at that level, I did every single of missions of mirage arena. so what did I miss out?
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    Data Roxas keyblades Glitch/Bug

    I discovered that there is another glitch related to Data Roxas battle. It happened after casting firaga in a duel stance, Roxas recovers from flinch and dashes aheading to the center for light barrage then had to activate Reaction command, boom got two copies of his keyblades, also it results...