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Recent content by KeybladeKnightQ

  1. KeybladeKnightQ

    Why are people saying he was redeemed? (Spoilers)

    It seems a good majority of the people processed KH3 ending as
  2. KeybladeKnightQ

    Your favourite original Org. XIII member? (besides Axel, Roxas and the one we don't remember)

    Xemnas- Awesome voice with just as good dialogue, way more personality and character than Ansem SoD, His weapons and Boss fight is just so iconic and cool. Vexen- He is much more awesome and sadistic in the Japanese version plus he’s voiced by the same person who voices Prof Hojo in Jap...
  3. KeybladeKnightQ

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix vs the Kingdom Hearts series

    Genuinely yes people (myself included) love KH2’s battle system, It’s every Speedrunners favorite in the series because of how seemingly flawless it is. Most people find it to be the most balanced in not just controls but boss and enemy design as well. If you said most KH game had the same...
  4. KeybladeKnightQ

    Some positivity for KH2 Sora for a change!

    I never did and probably never will understand why people hated KH2 Sora, DDD Sora I can understand as I also dislike him in that game too but Sora in KH2 acts pretty much like almost anyone would who has a light hearted, easy going personality in the situations he’s placed in all throughout...
  5. KeybladeKnightQ

    KH2 Without Nobodies?

    What if that was the plot and theme of the next arc/saga? As messed up and flawed the overall Xehanort saga is I still find enjoyment out of the whole concept and idea that everything has all been connected and it does go with the main narrative the series has told since the first game about how...
  6. KeybladeKnightQ

    KH2 Without Nobodies?

    The Nobodies where not really what complicated KH2 plot it was their lack of true involvement in the game till the second half with the first being as people have stated feeling like “Filler”. I don’t know what we didn’t know about Nobodies in KH2 Yen Sid, Saix, Naimine, and Diz pretty...
  7. KeybladeKnightQ

    Ansem SoD NOT being Ansem a Retcon or a Plot Twist?

    Definitely a retcon Nomura did not plan on anything after the original KH however there was evidence on Ansem SOD not being the real Ansem in CoM. With 1. Diz’s Appearance itself and knowledge on Riku and Ansem before hand. 2. Mickey somehow “knowing” him from a familiar feeling. And the...
  8. KeybladeKnightQ

    What if Roxas looked like Sora?

    Technically he is https://goo.gl/images/nnykJJ I agree I also wouldn’t have been a fan of this. It was a good thing though that Nomura did because not only is the connection more impactful between Sora,Roxas, Ventus, and Vanitas the way it is, it also explained why Roxas is the only human...
  9. KeybladeKnightQ

    Would/could Riku have taken Xion if it came to that.

    If things played out differently than they did in 358/2 days would Riku have still been able to allow Sora to awaken? There are two different scenarios that could have happened that could have changed the ending to days. 1. Roxas left the organization along with Xion. Xion however gets taken...
  10. KeybladeKnightQ

    Update on BBS.

    You must feel slow if it's your first time playing BBS and you went from Ven to Terra.
  11. KeybladeKnightQ

    In Defense of Yen Sid's Mark of Mastery Test (and some criticism)

    K so I couldn't make the link so I'll just type it. "Aqua and Terra trained their whole life for the Mark of Mastery. Sora and Riku didn't. Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery was also their training. Their Mark of Mastery wasso much more difficult than Terra and Aqua's because they had to make up...
  12. KeybladeKnightQ

    In Defense of Yen Sid's Mark of Mastery Test (and some criticism)

    Someone made a form about this not too long ago that I think perfectly explains the differences between Eraqus and Yen Sid's tests. All credit goes to them
  13. KeybladeKnightQ

    Is Sora at his most happiest in DDD? *spoilers*

    Sora has had those types of moments. Most notably after finding out the Organization was using him to collect hearts. "Maybe all we've done, maybe it was all for nothing"
  14. KeybladeKnightQ

    Why do so many hate Xion?

    No that's Kairi or Namine. Compared to them Xion is the least helpless person ever. She hardly ever relied on Roxas for support or rescuing (Which was all only before she mastered being able to use the Keyblade). She could fight and take care of herself for the most part. Sure Roxas spent a lot...