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    Internet Leaders Panel Video / Thread about how The Internet has helped us "evolve"

    Internet Archive: Details: ROFLCon 2008 "Internet Cult Leader" (Complete Footage) If you're too cool for watching the panel, then this is the thread where we think about how The Internet has had such a tremendous impact on culture, economics, and communication.
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    gaming habits 2.0

    do you fags guys have any specific habits and the like for playing video games like uh when i play god hand i do the whole hokuto no ken schtick ATATATATATA when the whole pummeling shit comes on screen and uh uhh i recite engrish shit that comes on-screen when playing japanite fighting...
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    post in the incest thread

    do it okay and while we're at it: http://i30.tinypic.com/5n4zfa.jpg what do you think of this
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    Incest 2.0

    I have a feeling that this thread is going to become incredibly awesome But otherwise yeah incest I keep seeing imoutou (ONII-SAN~ PLEASE INSERT YOUR PENIS INTO MY VAGINA) shit everywhere, although this could easily be attributed to how eastern sexuality and fetishes are very (HIGHLY)...
  5. J


    how many of you fags actually download this stuff sometimes aside from the usual porn i'm a big fan of crazy clover club's type-moon works, shit's great pretty neighbor by house of karesa was also pretty funny shit yotsuba's dad rapes everyone! haha
  6. J

    Bawls (warning: words)

    hello buttfags as much as i find energy drinks to be the fastest and terribly-tasting method to obtaining diabetes i've actually found an energy drink that doesn't taste like acidic urine or consumed in endless amounts by teenagers who watch too much mtv and trendy sidewalk surfers (then again...
  7. J

    col dot durf

    Kyonko by ~ddRidethePig on deviantART IXHXIHILXJIXXHIXHILXHILX by ~ddRidethePig on deviantART i should get a tablet and some bawls shit guys 42 cans for only 22bux at tigerdirect
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    fi still sucks

  9. J

    kara no kyoukai

    holy dongs this shit is awesome
  10. J

    so uh

    I was coming home from Akiba (Yamanote line) and I saw this beautiful woman! (*´Д`)ハァハァ She was reading a book, although, I can't exactly remember the title... OTL But the point still remains that she was very beautiful! ryryry And then out of nowhere, this drunk... FAGGOT, OLD MAN comes out of...
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    this is the forum for items silly and outrageous

    the versus section is also retarded
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  13. J

    attention all of you with nvidia hardware in your computers

    Portal: First Slice is free for all NVIDIA Gamers if you have the hard drive space join us so we may throw shit at each other in them half-life 2 dethmatches
  14. J

    why fi sucks

    it's called forum insanity and not the yaoi prison or the faggot barn for a reason. the forum nomenclature clearly dictates that this forum is designed for the sort of "irrelevant chatter." if i wanted to discuss how many breakfast taquitos i had for breakfast or how the us economy would...
  15. J

    the tech section has too many tech help threads

    how do i fix this