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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    The worst thing that happend to me was...... >__>; OH! When I went to Disney Castle straight from the Cavern Of Remembrance. And I saw the portal of darkness which was leading to what we all know as Sunset Horizons. I was ready and pumped to fight E.S(Terra) when i forgot that X was to jump...
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    Roxas gone?

    We'll just have to wait and see.....
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    Riku Theory

    Am I like speaking another language,it was just a non fact theory/post...I just needed comments not criticism.....try reading my posts before you start being judgemental
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    Riku Theory

    You keep on stating the obvious,we all have seen the pictures of the 14th member.I didnt say that Riku HAD to be an organization member. Try paying attention to what I'm saying T_T
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    Riku Theory

    Thanks but the 14th member is a girl.
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    Demyx ...

    A piano........T_T;..... lmao XD
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    Riku Theory

    In KH2 at first impression most of you thought that Riku(Ansem/Xehanort) was an actual Organization XIII member. Unfortunately he wasn't but he could've been a member of the Org. Supporting Facts And Details 1.Riku was neither darkness or light.(Neither is the organization members) 2.The...
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    Demyx ...

    I don't think that they "gave" it to Demyx...I think it is just his primary weapon.If they were to give it to him then someone must've created the sitar.Maybe that geek Vexen T_T
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    New Member

    I'm a new member here,and I just wanted a few tips while I'm on. Any tips??:confused: