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Recent content by Happy Chap

  1. H

    (SPOILERS 358/2 Days) What Xion Actually Is

    Why do I even try to understand this shit without playing the game.
  2. H

    How Will I Know?

    Hi all, I know I haven't been on for a while but I don't think I missed out on any interesting new info apart from the noticable staff changes and official site updates that I can't read anyway. So I, like so many other people, will wan't to know the whole story of Day's when it finally comes...
  3. H

    Riku Vs Roxas

    Yeah, your right. But I still reckon they had it planned for Ven to stay alive (at least a little bit longer) and if they make some plot changes it'll be they he actually died and everyone's eyes are playing tricks on them because his eyes never moved.
  4. H

    Riku Vs Roxas

    Yeah, I recken Ven would have survived. Why?, Because it looks like he and his keyblade were encased in ice so he couldn't move, so then Ven sorta unsummoned his keyblade to leave behind the hollow ice shell we see explode on the cliff. All Aqua really woulda had to do was defrost him. :)
  5. H

    A ven theory by a n00b

    cept Namine is the exeption to every goddamn rule out - I hope Ven makes more sense. So Ven's lingering sense of self is still floating around?
  6. H

    A ven theory by a n00b

    But wouldn't going by this theory Sora have no soul until Ven disappered? Bit wierd if you ask me.
  7. H

    7 Wonders of Twilight Town

    Wasn't there a shadow Sora at the start of KH1 too? Probably is just random Dark-Light sybolism.
  8. H

    Why didn't any knowledge of Ven, Aqua, Terra or their master appear in KH1??

    Yeah, but that concept video looked nothing like what KH2 did, exept for the Roxas-Riku bit. Remember the random girl on the beach? Just another reason not to trust concept videos.
  9. H

    A Fourth Scenario?! Birth By Sleep

    Disney wouldn't let S-E use Mickey as a main playable character, and no-one else is worth a scenario (unless MX and DS...)
  10. H

    Chaser keyblades

    OK. I though it was too good to be true
  11. H

    Castle Oblivion

    Re: Castle oblivian What now?
  12. H

    Castle Oblivion

    Re: Castle oblivian If she didn't get her heart stolen by the hords of heartless. What about the castle in the background of where you fight Seph in KH2? What is that?
  13. H

    Chaser keyblades

    Aha, but did TAV and the other BBS keyblade wielders go through an awakening? Apprenticehood could have been replaced by the Awakenings. :eek:Actually, now I think I'm on to something. Are any of the KH1 PoHs (Jasmine, Alice, Belle and Kairi)on the floor in Sora's awakening? I don't think...
  14. H

    Theories on Terra, Aqua and Ven's connection to Sora, Kairi and Riku.

    I still don't see how or why the main characters would be named after the environment their home is.
  15. H

    Theories on Terra, Aqua and Ven's connection to Sora, Kairi and Riku.

    Riku couldn't have known that Soul Eater was a keychainless keyblade. Neither would Ansem SoD, who I think was talking through riku at the time he said that. lol I remember the starting poem things pretty well; you know, the 'hope that our hearts will blend' thing