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    Song:I m not going down

    does anyone know where to find this song ? i tryed every way i know , still nothing :( it plays in beyblade eps 27 and 52 and another and german version YouTube - I'm not going down= i want the english one :( i think its by jonathan evans its so rare :( please help
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    can t play games anymore :(

    something is wrong with my computer... each time i try to start a game i get an error message of some kind and saying windows needs to shut it down , and with aoe 3 it says : the minimum req = 64 mb of video card ram (i have 128) and it says i don t meet them. and most games just shut down ...
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    Ichi needs help (proxy)

    well i got an email from him , and well see for yourself. Bad news, KHI is completely blocked from my workplace now. I need a proxy to use that isn’t blocked from here either. I know that Suteki Midori knows a lot of them. If you could, can you ask them for the biggest list they can muster...
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    project offset''ps3''

    wel just read ^^ Project Offset Preview for PlayStation 3 sounds pretty interesting
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    Anime Kiba + Discussion

    Kiba's main character is Zed, a 15-year-old boy who lives in a place called "Calm". He is frustrated by his current situation in life and feels that somewhere out there is a place where he can live more fully. One day, at the invitation of a mysterious wind, Zed dives into a space-time crevasse...
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    HQ roxas fight

    YouTube - KH2FM- Roxas Boss Fight + New Scene (Critical Mode) it looks cool esp after the re command ^^ ps this guy has alot more stuff
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    congratz to ichi :P

    well id like to congratulate my friend ichi with his birthday :thumbup: :thumbsup: well happy birthday ichi
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    kingdumb hearts 2 part 1 flash

    hi remember kingdumbhearts 1 and com from a guy named roger(or if you totally didn t knew him) who had those flashes on deviantart and newgrounds and now sheezyart aswell here is kh2 part 2 you can also watch other flashes there aswell as kh1 and com...
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    final fantasy best serie ever ? contest

    on gamefaq theres a competition about the best serie ever kh lost already i think q finals but ff still in it so vote its on vote :d en post here what you think :P ps its the finals :P between ff and zelda
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    sora s voice

    wat do you guys thinbk about his voice in kh2 (its in the interview with hjoon i think its pretty cool but its different so i need 2 get used to it but he s more grown up
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    if you do skip events in the beginning will it skipp all or when you want to there anything special i should watch out for how strong is owa compared to ultima
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    i nticed something

    in the clips when in valor form you can c that the magic on the menu is black so you prob can t use magic then and his special atttacks(like kh1 ars arcanum) can be easely used with triangle and when he does you can c the name in clips what do you think about of prob not using magic in...
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    kingdomhearts is twiligth theory

    i just thougth of something when kh open in kh1 ligth shrouds ansem rigth that prob means ligth but after we c darkside in kh that means dark so if theres dark and ligth it could be twiligth or mabye all3 or its ligth but in ligth there is also darkness what do you guys think
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    why can t use waepons i bougth

    in the rpg i m i ligth blader but when i bougth the kk i couldn t use it it wasn t in the menu when i got jungle king it was 2 ad when i got the heart unlocker 2 so i thougth that normol but now i got the twiligth kk and i could use it as a waepon:confused: why can i only use twiligth kk in the...
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    i i m buying o-o dark ligth twiligth dark sword of ansem neo heartless clas inferno amor plus ultima card and ring for original price +100000