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    Tattoos, Body Art, Body Piercings, Body Modification Thread

    So I thought there was a thread for this but apparently not. Anyway its quite a big general topic seeing pretty much everyone I know at least some sort of body modification i.e piercings or tattoos or what have you. Well personally, I really like tattoos and some piercings. In particular...
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    Music ► Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Seeing I'm With You comes out this week and I have been listening to them tonnes lately thought a thread (or a replacement one) would be good. Anyone else like them. To me they're quite a strange band, sort of. They're strange in which I have always listened to them pretty much my whole life...
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    TMV and ORLG Discussion

    We used to have a thread for this back before the forums got done up a while back. And, if I recall correctly it was a pretty active thread in the music section. So I thought why not bring it back. Anyways its a thread about The Mars Volta and anything related e.g. Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group...
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    TV On The Radio

    R.I.P Gerard Smith Great New York Dance/Groove/Funk/Electronic music. Anyone else into them? Oh Also David Sitek is an incredible producer.
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    Music ► Live Music

    Not the band Live. Just general talk about bands live. Who you have seen, who you are seeing, who you want to see etc. Umm this year I have been to quite a few so the highlights have been ~ La Dispute, Local Natives, Gotye, Defeater, !!! (Chk CHk Chk) I must say though the best show I have...
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    Super - "Shut Up Crime!"

    YouTube - Super Trailer Super (2010) - IMDb A new (when I say new it isn't out in Australia yet so yeah sorry about that) action super hero indie by James Gunn. Really excited to see this. Rainn Wilson seems perfect for the role. Let me know if there is already a thread on this, I couldn't...
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    Travel - Stories, Recommendations, Experiences etc.

    So there was a thread on this once but I can't find it anymore. I really enjoy traveling so it would be good to get some discussion going on various places people on this forum have gone, what they thought and other things enjoyed while traveling abroad. So far I have traveled through the USA...
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    Tron: Evolution

    I'm not sure whether or not this game will be very good. I really want it to cause I really like Tron and the Tron universe in general so I dunno. Film adaption games aren't really that good IMO but who knows. Also if there is a thread on this let me know, I scrolled about 8 pages and did a...
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    How not caring could benefit your life

    I do, probably a bad thing maybe. Any ideas on how to back into it?
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    Man for so long I have not wanted to make this thread and I have no idea why. Anyway they're probably my favorite band. Very minimal, just layered so sexually. FOALS Anyway they have just realised a new album, putting them at an oxford pop band with two full length albums: ANTIDOTES//...
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    QOTSA and EODM Discussion

    I've been listening to alot of both these bands lately. I put them in one thread cause they're all pretty much the same what with same drummers and Josh Homme being everywhere. Originally I thought I had made a thread on this but I couldn't find it through all the horrible threads I have made...
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    New character or old character

    Nomura: “Kingdom Hearts” is Sora’s story, but the series that we’re developing now is also the story of one other person. You could say that it is a series where that person is the core. What do you guys think? Ps very very sorry if this is already a thread on this.
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    Holy Fuck

    Basically pretty good synth rock // pop music. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    this is good

    Being in Debt is now my favourite thing in the world. Money I have - $1400 Whats coming up? House bond - $400 Music festival tickets (4 of them) which I have already stupidly bought - $500 Fucked my cars engine, replacement - $2000 approx. Job - none. Fuck yes!
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    Why Did Xemnas Want A Heart?

    I havent seen this asked before. Having said that I hardly dwell in the KH section of a KH forum. Strange. Anyway I was sort of tempted to put this in FOKH section because I think it may have some relevence. Anyway what are your thoughts about why he wanted a heart?