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    Xaldin question

    just get to like level 30 or a bit, he is not THAT hard. i didnt even die once on him and oathkeeper is a fine keyblade to use
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    That damn Light Cycles...

    what!? its easy! just attack the heartless and when it says "left" press L1 and when it sayd "right" press R1, its not hard...
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    ha ha i know how anti form works

    well duh, everyone who got the guide book and/or the ultimania book will know this
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    Getting Ultima Weapon and Fenrir

    i got the ultima weapon yesterday. so for the goddess cup just do the other cups and it will be unlocked, and for the last orchiclum you need to get 1 of EVERY type of material (twilight crystal, twilight shard, twilight stone, frost shard etc) and dont foroget to use a energy crystal! they are...
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    Leveling up drives!

    ok heres how to level up your drives and the best places and ways to do so. Valor - this gains 1 EXP per hit, so bassically just use whenever. Wisdom - this gains 1 EXP per heartless kill, now the easiest way for me to level it up was at the beginning of TWTNW were shadows just almost...
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    Final form with Xigbar

    the way i just said, start off in beast's room and go down the hallway killing everything along the way. you get loads of drive balls, i got master form from level 1 to level 7 (max) there in less than a hour
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    Final form with Xigbar

    what!? master form is the EASIEST to level up! just go to beast's castle and start in his room and make your way around and i final form just driving into master form in TWTNW
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    i beat KH2

    thats a little hard to explain... i would have to record it but i dont think i have anything to do that with
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    i beat KH2

    80 hours!? yeah right! i didnt go to school on wednesday, thursday and i didnt go go to school today, and dont call me a lier cause i did beat it! and the stategy guide is not even big! i have it, cause it was cheap if i got it while i bought the game. besides half of the guide is just about...
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    i beat KH2

    no, you first meet him properly at hollow bastion after you visit space paranoids (first time). you also recieve master form at that point
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    i beat KH2

    level 50 when i beat it, buti m 54 now from leveling up my drives lol i also got final form now
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    i beat KH2

    yeah right, wait a year for a game then go through it real slow
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    i beat KH2

    who me? no i went on standard mode and my mom let me stay home, cause luckily during those days there was some exams going on so we all had to go in late so i was like "theres no point in going"
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    i beat KH2

    i also only died ONCE, and that was on the last Xemnas battle while controling riku
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    i beat KH2

    i just did the game, now that i have beat it im going do some extra stuff, like take on sephiroth and do 100 acre wood