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    actually in many months now

    actually in many months now
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    wow i haven't been here in over a month .-.

    wow i haven't been here in over a month .-.
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    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    An interview back in 2017 when Tetsuya Nomura and Yoko Shimomura were on the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- This was also the first joint interview between Nomura and Shimomura Also: TN: Well, I was watching a show the other day, and it had a musical number. It made me want to create a...
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    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    People, like myself, follow social media accounts of people they don't necessarily support to keep updated on what's happening on both sides of the story. I wanna know why people support so-and-so. But yeah, Quinton Flynn is probably MAGA lmao I don't like him please replace him ASAP
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    Spoilers ► Post-MOM Theories

    So, aren't there seven realms now? Light, Darkness, In-Between, Data, Dreams, Memories, "Other Side/Unreality" //cough cough// s e v e n a g a i n
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    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    Nah, I don't like Quinton Flynn at all, but lots of people love Axel, including myself. Keep Axel, replace Flynn.
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    What’s a KH moment that doesn’t feel real?

    I mean, this is addressed in ReMind, I guess. Still pretty weird when playing III for the first time. ooh but there are so many moments that i both hate and treasure at the same time. "I knew when I met you. You and Kairi smell the same." //proceeds to sniff his fingers// Xigbar, revealing...
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    Spoilers ► Post-MOM Theories

    We know absolutely nothing about Yozora, how do we know that he's even gonna be a protagonist? He could be an antagonist or anti-hero type character, right?
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    What are your “Current” Top 10 favorite KH characters?

    aaaaaagh you expect me to choose?! everybody gets an honourable mention 1. Roxas 2. Ventus 3. Aqua 4. Riku 5. Sora 6. Kairi 7. Ava 8. Xion 9. Vanitas 10. Naminé Almost Made It To The List: 11 would be Terra 12 would be Lea
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    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    Thank you so much, Spock, but I'm still receiving emails haha 😅 My parents have been checking my emails so now I'm making sure nothing goes in my inbox
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    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    I don't think they should get rid of Axel, just replace Flynn with someone else.
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    Spoilers ► Post-MOM Theories

    Introduction All I'm going to say in the following is going off the assumption that the Nameless Star is the girl shown in the Verum Rex trailer, as she mentions both Yozora and a city with tall buildings, and she's apparently from "the other side". Full post. Warning: Very long. Summary...
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    Spoilers ► Post-MOM Theories

    There's a ReMind version of that video. Now there's also "Digi-Sora Part Two" from LimitCut. I guess there could also be a "Kairi-Dream-Sora" from MoM .-.
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    KHMoM ending is the true KH3 ending (or why we need a KH3 Final Mix+)

    MoM story-wise could fit with KH3 and ReMind. But MoM's gameplay is too different and seems out-of-place next to the other two.
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    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    "rOxAs, WaS iT? yOu'Re GoOd!" "WeLl, YoU'rE nOt ToO bAd YoUrSeLf!" ... THAT'S the dialogue people have been waiting ten years for?? Come on, with all the deal Roxas made about being his own person and then just... throwing that all away?!