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Recent content by Ashton69

  1. Ashton69

    KH3 Cutscenes are Too Long

    Too long? Maybe if you have the patience of a five year old... CHILD
  2. Ashton69

    Our childhoods are being slaughtered...

    Meanwhile, actual children are being slaughtered by ISIS... SUCK ON THAT
  3. Ashton69

    where do you buy games ?

    Steam! and at Gamestop bitch!
  4. Ashton69

    SPOILERS: How Are We Supposed To Feel About Yozora?

    I think the dude's... okay. I've been others with more potential. Yen Sid.
  5. Ashton69

    Axel and Lea are not the same. (Theory)

    Think about it like this. When Zexion died, he reappeared with the rest. But his death occurred months if not a year before the others died as their nobodies. Basically, Xigbar has been collecting copies to use in the New New Orgie. You stand there in confusion. I know. But you have to accept...
  6. Ashton69

    Dating with girlfriend. Recommendations?

    Yeah, I've heard this story before. Tyler Brian. A freshman during my junior year. He really wanted to, excuse my language, seal the social studies teacher's daughter's key hole. I was able to get him into a much more presentable state. The biggest difficulty was that he refused to not wear his...
  7. Ashton69

    "Graveyard" and "Unknown" (Or how Nomura is trying to tie up some old loose ends)

    Re: "Graveyard" and "Unknown" (Or how Nomura is trying to tie up some old loose ends) Wowza, the Radiant Garden torture chamber is pretty dark for Disney. I somehow think they aren't aware of this tidbit.
  8. Ashton69

    What do you think about Namine / Riku shipping?

    Works out pretty well. If Namine ever did anything to piss Riku off, she can just make him forget about it. She can even make him think he did things wrong that he didn't! Women, am I right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcYppAs6ZdI
  9. Ashton69

    THEORY: Split Timeline?

    Alright, as you all are much aware of now, I am in fact a damn genius and I was perfectly able to gain insight into the mind of our great man Nomura and saw how the guardian and Tera were one of the same. NOW, with that in mind, I show you THIS. Now, don't freak out. This is NOT a joke. I...
  10. Ashton69

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    Sorry my dude, but I've waited 10+ years for two games. One just came out a few days ago, and I'm still yearning for Versus XIII in any form.
  11. Ashton69

    Will Donald Duck verbally say "Xigbar?" A betting pool.

    Prominent poster Launchpad and I have decided to been a monetary value of $500 on wether or not Donald Duck will say "Xigbar" in an in-game cut scene during the story of Kingdom Hears III. Share your opinions on the matter and feel free to contribute to the pot!
  12. Ashton69

    Significant plot point accidentally shown!?

    In the newest KH3 trailer, all is as expected. But Square Enix of China made a huge mistake... It seems that Pooh will be a significant counter to the darkness of Xehanort and his wild gang. Perhaps, Winnie is Kingdom Hearts!?!
  13. Ashton69

    Who used the 4th pod in twilight town mansion?

    Froxas. ((Far from the light) roxas). This is my stance and will make sense to everyone when KH3 is released in probably February.
  14. Ashton69

    How Does Mickey Talk to Sora?

    Mickey is just hiding behind Sora at all times. When you move the camera, he moves too. You can never see him.
  15. Ashton69

    I'm the only one who liked BBS ?

    They did the best they could on PSP. I will give them that.