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Recent content by Antifa Lockhart

  1. Antifa Lockhart

    KH Shower Thoughts

    There's been no reason given for why the names were removed from the final game.
  2. Antifa Lockhart

    The Awards Thread

    They're being updated. We can't make certain awards look certain dimensions, so they're all set to be the same size, but they're going to more aesthetically pleasing over the next few weeks.
  3. Antifa Lockhart

    [Weirdly] tired thinking about RAX TA having protagonism again

    Well, that's what I mean. My criticism was more for anyone who felt that the characters had no reason to be included period, let alone to be playable in the future.
  4. Antifa Lockhart

    [Weirdly] tired thinking about RAX TA having protagonism again

    This is kind of silly. The teams will be as involved as Nomura and the team want them to be. TAV and RAX still have some narrative threads left open. Ven's past and Lea's missing friend, Subject X, are the same story and both tie into the overall plot that's unfolding now will undoubtedly drag...
  5. Antifa Lockhart

    Yo why doesnt Xemnas have a Keyblade?

    This person is catching up with the lore, maybe don't use speculative names?
  6. Antifa Lockhart

    The Nameless Star's TRUE Name Is Sora Theory by NextGenNovelist

    Yeah, I don't believe it for a second. There's too much star-related imagery for her name not to have something to do with stars. I also think that Yozora shows no familiarity with "Sora" aside from "I've heard of you." And while Yozora has had his identity stolen from him, I'm unsure how he'd...
  7. Antifa Lockhart

    About Riku’s arm in KH2

    What the hell is happening in this discussion and why isn't it in the kh section. (It's not a cast, it's a sleeve: https://images.khinsider.com/Kingdom%20Hearts%20II/Concept%20Art/Characters/Riku.png you can see that the material is a singular piece of rumpled cloth, if it was a cast it would...
  8. Antifa Lockhart

    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    Eh. They may keep him quiet for a while, but they replaced Xehanort and Vexen, not to mention that sooner or later they'll have to replace Goofy.
  9. Antifa Lockhart

    What exactly is the deal with Pirates of the Caribbean?

    Not even Disney can get around the fact that most contracts these days protect actors from being exploited so easily. Profit off the movie? Sure. Profit off of new material that uses their likeness? Nope. There'd be nothing stopping them from hiring new voice actors and using "deep fakes" and...
  10. Antifa Lockhart

    What exactly is the deal with Pirates of the Caribbean?

    Mmm. They probably could have done that, but it would have been weird.
  11. Antifa Lockhart

    What exactly is the deal with Pirates of the Caribbean?

    It's 100% because of actor licenses. They have to pay money every time those characters appear because they're portrayed by real people. For stuff like MoM and the mangas it's just not worth it. (I will say though, for Space Paranoids, the original Tron was made before such agreements and laws...
  12. Antifa Lockhart

    Spoilers ► Post-MOM Theories

    I think that four is the name of the game...literally. Quadratum, the 104 building, Square, I think that from now on the groups are gonna be quartets instead of trios, leading into Kingdom Hearts IV
  13. Antifa Lockhart

    Theory: Xemnas is the cloaked figure in the Melody of Memory trailer

    You're dropping spoilers without using spoiler tags, dumbwit. Look at the giant banner up top for spoiler policies.
  14. Antifa Lockhart

    The Awards Thread

    Awards have been given update. While I redesign the old awards, I added a bunch of new ones so you can put them in your profiles and not have the stretched out old ones as freebies. Or hang on to the old ones, I don't care!
  15. Antifa Lockhart

    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    Lonefox is misinterpreting. Nomura said she was a character we've seen, and the fact that she told Sora that she was pining for Yozora basically confirms she's Not!Stella. Skuld has more-or-less been confirmed to be Subject X by looking at the story, secret reports, and the character filles book...