• Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...



Community Endeavors These awards are given out to community members, nominated by their fellow members.
Welcome to KHI! You've taken your first steps and posted your first post.
Total awarded: 2,985
Alter Ego
You could say the people who frequent the Roleplaying section are a bit... eccentric. But this award dignifies those who've been committed to the section for eons. We also understand the process of automatically giving an award to these individuals constitutes a "powerplay", so stop yelling at us already.
Total awarded: 16
Welcome Comittee
You're always in the introduction threads, welcoming new members! We see you!
Total awarded: 7
You set a profile picture! Now it's less likely you're a bot!
Total awarded: 2,891
Master Defender
Some people spend hundreds of hours on KHI and have never even left the Fanclubs section. They are the stewards of fanclubs dedicated to everything from fictional characters to forum personalities. Dare to utter anything negative about their idols and face the wrath of a billion burning suns.
Total awarded: 7
This award is for you and your best forum friend. Request the award and then nominate your friend!
Total awarded: 6
Lost Master
A long time ago, you were here. Then you vanished. Now you're back. Not sure how or why or what it means but this is for you, Lost Master
Total awarded: 15
You revived a dead thread. A long-dead thread. Like, no one's posting there, why would you do that? It's not Halloween (probably) cut that out.
Total awarded: 4
Lost Boy/Girl/Person
It seems you've posted in the wrong section/topic/board. It's okay. Have a badge.
Total awarded: 5
A trophy for advocates of the written word; they compose original works of fiction and non-fiction (and fanfiction!) purely from their own inspiration and talent. Give them a book deal a.s.a.p.
Total awarded: 36
Security Team
You're a real bot-buster! Awarded by the site staff to those who regularly report any spambots they see!
Total awarded: 16
Mog Boss
Your grasp on the universe of Final Fantasy is scholarly, and others benefit from your insights and information about the series. Perhaps you can also explain to us why guns don't do as much damage as swords... kupo...
Total awarded: 22
Master of Monologues
These members will definitely let you know what they think about an issue - whether you want to hear it or not! They should really get a gig shouting social commentary on your nearest cable news channel. This medal is awarded to members who have significantly contributed to the community with consistent activity. (You talk a lot)
Total awarded: 25
You've Got A Friend In Me
This award goes to the friendliest of friendlies, members who go out of their way to help others when they ask for it, vets and newbs alike. They also have a sense of modesty, maturity, and selflessness.
Total awarded: 70
Plum Goofy
It takes a special breed to make a name for yourself in Forum Insanity, and you never fail to get an "uh-hyuck" from us. For achievement in subtle or insane effort in comedic excellence.
Total awarded: 16
East Meets West
Whether it's your love of JRPGs, manga, anime, or of all things Japanese, the land of the rising sun has become part of your life and your reverence for its culture has won you this award!
Total awarded: 21
That's a stick.
Your thread was so good we decided to stick it! Congratulations on your sticky.
Total awarded: 8
Quack Attack
This medal is awarded to members who just cannot seem to control their temper when it comes to debates and arguments. They will do anything in their power to shout what they think to any big palooka.
Total awarded: 25
This award is for members who display excellence in providing us with their own musical creations. Not only is their taste sublime, but also their ability to express themselves through music is worthy of commendation.
Total awarded: 8
News Hound
This prestigious medal is granted to the extremely dedicated few whose contributions to the forums have made front page news on KHI or FFN! Their keen noses know where to sniff out a good story!
Total awarded: 49
Retired Staff
This prestigious award is given to every former staff member in service to Kingdom Hearts Insider and Final Fantasy Network including past site staff and moderators who now sit at a desk and don't help much at all.
Sure, the lime green user name is gone, but -- hey, there's green in the award!
Total awarded: 88
Rising Star
This prestigious award goes to individuals who contribute their craft to be featured on either KHI or FFN. This includes images, audio, and other crafts involving either fandom. With all that publicity, you'll make a name for yourself in no time flat. Cheers!
Total awarded: 93
Crafty Soul
This is a blanket award is given to those who participate and have an impact in the Creative Media, Creative Writing, and Roleplaying sections. These artists spend so much time in our Creative Corner section with their painting, pottery, ventriloquy and candle making. Well, maybe not those things exactly.
Total awarded: 30
Le Artiste
Here's to KHI's creative community leaders who constantly leave us awestruck with their creations. Bravo!
Total awarded: 24
Game Master
As a devotee to all things video game, most of your waking life is spent playing games. You play through speed runs, challenge runs, and felling bosses on the highest difficulty mode. In the ample time you've spent at KHI and FFN, you've made a name for yourself with the controller.
Total awarded: 31
Disney Royalty
Do you go to bed at night and dream of Hidden Mickeys? Have you seen all 54 animated feature films? Are Disney quotes and lyrics a normal part of your everyday conversation? Have an endless collection of Disney Pins? Go to Disney parks frequently? Can you even Disney?

Well, we've got just the award for you!
Total awarded: 16
Dinner and a Movie
Whether it's binging your favorite show, or waiting in line for midnight premieres at the cinema: you are a media consumer. Popcorn and snacks aside, you get your fill from watching the silver screen and we give you two thumbs up...and this trophy!
Total awarded: 14
Nose Stuck in a Book
Oh, isn't it amazing! You spend your time devouring the written word and love to share your experiences on the forum! Whether it's a book, a comic, a manga, or an audio book; you are definitely one of KHI's best read users.
Total awarded: 12
Perhaps a badge of honor, perhaps a mark of shame. This award goes to someone who write out a long and thoughtful post, only to be beaten - by mere minutes - by someone else posting the exact same thing. You will survive, may this soothe your wounds.
Total awarded: 14
Nothing's Like Before
You've been on KHI for at least five years!
Total awarded: 783
Old Timer
You've been on KHI for 10+ years!
Total awarded: 466