Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Agrabah, a spectacular desert city filled with as many treasures as it does secrets. Its streets are lined with all sorts of wonderful aromas and new discoveries, as if beckoning you to explore.

You arrive in Agrabah just outside of its gated walls when you discover a young man passed out in the sand. His name is Aladdin, and the reason he was out in the desert was because of his monkey companion, Abu. Aladdin is widely known by the citizens of Agrabah as a street rat, resorting to petty theft in order to survive. One day after a successful robbery, the two were lured away from the city by Heartless who sought to destroy their home. Aladdin struggled but failed to defeat the monsters, and they were able to whisk Abu away to their lair, never to be seen again.

Although Aladdin is grateful for your help and insists he will be able to rescue Abu on his own, you have absolutely no intention of letting him do so. You remain in Agrabah, meeting and helping all sorts of people, and in doing so are able to slowly but surely begin to make sense of everything that's been happening here.

Heartless have been appearing in Agrabah with an increased frequency as of late, drawn to the city by the treasures it hidden behind its walls. But when they steal the treasure, what do they do with it? Where do they take it? Traveling merchants who crossed paths with them in the desert have reported their movements, and the palace guards were able to track the Heartless back to a mystical cave that lies buried in the sand, known as the Cave of Wonders. 

If the Heartless are taking their prizes in the Cave of Wonders, then the only logical conclusion is that Abu must be there as well. The only question is, how are you and Aladdin supposed to get in?

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