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Your journey begins with an Awakening as you stand on a platform of stained glass emblazoned with images of five creatures — the bear Ursus, the snake Anguis, the unicorn Unicornis, the fox Vulpes, and the leopard Leopardus. You select one of the five as the Union you wish to be allied with and a flash of light appears, delivering a bizarre key-shaped weapon into your hand, the Keyblade. The bright light emanating from the Keyblade transports you to a brand new world known as Daybreak Town.

Daybreak Town appears to be a quaint place, with its pastel-colored mosaic streets and peaceful atmosphere. However, the world actually exists as the site of a massive conflict between the five Unions.

Each Union is led by powerful Keyblade Masters known as the Foretellers. Before they become Foretellers, the five were apprentices, together with a sixth student, under the tutelage of the Master of Masters. Before the Master disappeared, he gave the five new names and a tome known as the Book of Prophecies. This tome possesses the power to predict the events of the future and conjure worlds and beings that has yet to exist, and on the final page of that book, the they discovered a passage that shocked them to their core.

"The war in that place will lead to the defeat and destruction of the Light. 
The World will be enveloped in eternal Darkness."

Desperate to prevent that from happening, the Foretellers decided to use the Book of Prophecies to utilize the power from the future, and gather elite Keyblade wielders to travel throughout the worlds in order to gather as much light, called Lux, as possible. However, even though it may appear as though they share the same goal, the Foretellers do not all share the same intentions. Any one of them could be intending to use the light to benefit the darkness, so you will need to determine who you can actually trust.

This is a huge responsibility, and one that you're very clearly not suited to handle on your own. For this reason, you are gifted with a Dream Eater, a Spirit familiar of your very own. His name is Chirithy. Every player has their own Chirithy to whom they are closely connected to. They accompany their players to every world, introducing them to the colorful people they meet and instructing them on what needs to be done to maintain balance.

Chirithy's sole purpose is to lead you towards the truth, but when he cannot show you the right path, he sends you messages through dreams. In one dream, you witness a meeting between the Foretellers and a mysterious figure in a Black Coat. Though you don't know the meaning of this dream, you are aware enough to realize that something greater is at play. The question is, where do you start looking? It's impossible for you to uncover the mystery on your own...

As if to answer your call for help, you meet and befriend a Player from a rival Union, Ephemera, who offers some unbelievable information for you. 

The worlds you've been to and everyone you've met there are all fake; a simulation conjured up within a singular world for the sole purpose of collecting light without facing the difficulties of interstellar travel, and the powers you use to do so are summoned from elsewhere. And at the same time, you've never questioned anything that's happening around you, whether it be your goals, or the Foretellers you serve.

Ephemera has been trying to make some sense of the matter, but he hasn't been able to find any leads. Perhaps the dream you've witnessed may hold some answers? The first place to search would be the tower in the Foreteller's territory, in the room where your dream took place. You somehow manage to find a path to it after scouring the town, and the two of you make a promise to venture forward together. However, Ephemera decides to return to the waterways without you and ultimately encounters a figure in a Black Coat. He is never seen again.

Ephemera's disappearance gives you another reason to uncover the truth behind what's going on. Perhaps out of the grief of losing your friend, you even experience dreams of him, motivating you to probe deeper into the truth. By investigating various rumors through the network of players, you learn that he met with the Foreteller of the Vulpes Union, Master Ava, just before he vanished. Ava had been gathering elite Keyblade wielders without any connection to the Unions for unknown reasons, making her a prime suspect.

You track down Ava and confront her, but rather than give you an answer, she raises her Keyblade at you in battle. Needless to say, you are easily overwhelmed and fall back. But in truth, Ava has no intention of fighting and merely wants to show you just why you should not allow your sadness and rage to get the better of you. Doing so proves that you are not yet ready to learn the truth. The reckless behavior you exhibited by demanding a confrontation with a vastly more powerful opponent led to a quick defeat, but next time, you may not even be so lucky.

That night, Ava pays you and Chirithy a visit. She reveals that Ephemera has been transported to another plane known as Unchained and is attempting to communicate with you through the dreams you've had recently. The connection you share draws you closer to Unchained, but whether or not you can or will proceed to it depends entirely on you.

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