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Japanese Release Date - September 03 2015
North America Release Date - April 07 2016
System - iOS/Android

[Full Summary]

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is the mobile phone adaptation of the original PC browser social game, Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. While the game is almost identical to that of χ[chi], the two are treated as separate installments in the franchise and will eventually diverge into their own unique storylines. One should not be considered a replacement for the other, but it is not required to play both in order to receive the full experience. That being said, players who do play both versions of Kingdom Hearts X will better understand certain concepts within the games.

Taking place during the Keyblade War, Players play the part of newly awakened Keyblade wielders who clash within the legendary conflict. Create and customize your own avatar character to explore the Disney worlds, meeting various characters seen throughout the series such as Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. 

However, rather than lying within the same world that Sora and Riku's adventures take place in, KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi] is more or less, a fairy tale. Players act as heroes wielding man-made Keyblades whose goal is to collect light, known after "Lux" in the game. Everyone has been divided into five groups, each fighting for the light. The player is a member of one of these groups, and we'll learn which will rise to the top above all others.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is outsourced to Bitgroove Inc.

Official Japanese Site - KINGODM HEARTS Unchained χ
Official North American Site - KINGDOM HEARTS  Unchained χ

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