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Man... Can't believe it's already been nine years since I first got into KH. Re: Coded really holds a special place in my heart for being the title that introduced me to so many beloved characters and concepts from the series, and I've gotten so many fond memories from my experience playing through the game day in and day out (even though I was never able to completely finish it, unfortunately). Just watching this first launch trailer always brings me right back to my elementary days.

Gosh, I owe this game so much it's not even funny... Honestly, it's fitting that the anniversary would be so close to me transitioning to the next stage of my life. Almost like I'm getting one last cheer from my favorite series of all time. 🎶💚🎶
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I'm pretty annoyed right now.

Remember that poster I won? Well, seems my poster gum AKA. something like This is really old. My poster was coming off the wall. UGH! It finally completely came down today.

We got some more on the wal-mart order, but UGH. That just makes me annoyed.
Hey there's been an abundance of spam posts from user longsone, random korean posts that really seem kinda fishy. They've posted a lot of them since I first saw their name pop up.
Here's to 2020 bringing us the lux we've yearned for.

"No buts. There's work to be done. Get yourself ready."
— Xigbar, preparing Roxas for his next mission.
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Hi how are you doing? It’s been awhile.
Story Keeper
Story Keeper
I’m just exhausted from work, I’m looking forward to spending time with my mom and being able to relax.

if you wanted to continue I’d like to but there’s no rush. Yes I have seen it, I’m fairly curious about the bonuses this time around.
Look no further, for it is almost here! 🎅🏼

I believe we get a free keyblade from it and probably more within the new dlc. It seems to show events before the final confrontation between the Guardians and Seekers. At least Kairi is playable!!
Story Keeper
Story Keeper
That’s great! I love the looks of the Oathkeeper and Oblivion thing too.
Hiya people!
I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday/Merry Christmas/however you celebrate, may this year end with every loose thread tied and silent tears dried.

May 2020 bring you those smiles you've been after;
that one moment of clarity to finally hit home,
the goals you've been chasing come to be,
And the burdens and weight of everything that has ever held you down be lifted and the pains of the past heal.
Sincerely, may your best life begin.

Hugs and high fives and fistbumps to you all.
-this dude.

P.s. " for me, I've got my own plans.."
now to watch my fiance torture himself with mega man battle chip challenge lol
Okay. For the last few months, I've been saying VERY nasty things about the wireless.

Our router/gateway/modem from Uverse got fried in a lightening storm; since then I've had nothing but troubles with my connection. Horrible lag in XIV, disconnecting from the internet when I shouldn't, you guys can proly can guess the drill. Turned out part of the problem was Uverse had given us a bad replacement router. T_T I'd tried repping my wireless network card, but no joy.

I decided to flip the bird at windows finally (thinking that might be the cause of the last of the troubles; Sometimes Windows does funkeh things with drivers) and find me a cheap little router that I could use as a wireless bridge, since they don't sell separate wireless bridges anymore.

A friend of mine on Blue Gartr (Niya) suggested a Mikrotik thingy; once I got it, he actually helped me config it via TeamViewer. Well? NO MORE LAG, no more problems so far. I'm giving it a few days to be sure though. Tho I'll be glad if that was the whole problem, and I've also hooked my PS3 to it (Why should the bloody thing be using Wireless G when N's available?)

Here's to the end of my net problems, and that network card's getting yoinked out.