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Please do not renounce your words about Roxas (and Xion), even if there is no evidence what role they will play in Post-KH3.
It still seems to me that Roxas is still an important character, at least because he is nobody Sora and he has two keyblade.
But yes, he is a favorite of fans, for the same reason Nomura returned Axel.
Personally, I have several plot developments related to Roxas in future games.
First, I think Roxas will try to find its place in the world, spotting filovskie questions about yourself. In a game like KH2 and Days, the topic was raised more than once that “Not everything can be as it always is” and, first of all, it referred to the end of the prologue of KH2 and Days, but given the current theme of maturity from the title to the title of Nomura, I can believe that this topic may again be touched upon and in particular by Roxas. Perhaps he will start thinking about sitting on the tower and eating ice cream, is that the thing he wants to do all his life? After all that happened to him and his friends, they are no longer the same people.
Axel / Lea wants to become a keyblade master. And Roxas and Xion are not the same cute guys who needed to eat Ice cream to be happy. They had to endure too many bad things.
It’s also because Roxas matures, and people become more difficult with age. I can quite believe that Lea will try to keep their trio, however, he and Roxas will finally understand that they should give up and let them temporarily. I was inspired by such an outcome from cartoons How to Train Your Dragon 3 and Ralph 2, but I just think that such an outcome takes place in this KH.
Also, as you said, the main test of Roxas will be the acceptance of what he is special, as well as getting rid of trying to play someone else’s role and finally become one’s own person as he wanted.
Of course, these are just my thoughts. If this does not happen, I let it sadly, but accept it. But in any case, thanks for your post, you threw me more thoughts about the future of Roxas.))
Hello again Disasteriffic, I figured I might as well start the conversations here. I've met many veterans in my short time here, and don't really know a lot of what this site used to be like back in the day before I discovered it. What other games besides final fantasy X-2 and Kingdom hearts do you play?
Hey look I'm not dead.
Grad school is hell, I've got one year left, and I'm only going slightly out of my mind.
Good news.

Unless I gain a lot of weight again (NOT GONNA) I'm officially off all high blood pressure meds.

Just need to get rid of the offending drugs now. ^^
I wish I didn't dislike reading so much. It has always been what I was the worst at lol. It's so hard to read bulks of text, even of things I care about. xD
So okay, 'Neko did a really stupid driving maneuver and hit a pole in the parking lot. GEEZ Neko. Go to bed earlier! Luckily the car wasn't seriously hurt enough to pop the airbags.

On a lighter note, I got my new Atlanta Braves baseball cap today; I'd wanted one to use at Six Flags. (If you're in the hot sun a while, you WANT a hat. No kidding. And I'd rather stick to baseball caps for not-dorky. (Some hats are old lady, dork. I'd rather go tomboy.)

Also I made a glasses case; going to think about it and see if I'd like to sew stars or flowers on it; prolly both!
Aaaaand critical mode is live.

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I've seen that meme going around a lot. It's quite fitting. lmao. Are you going to play Critical Mode?

I'm extremely tempted to play KH3 Critical Mode myself, but I don't have it in me to play it right now; since the story is still pretty fresh to me. Plus there'll be DLC releasing sometime in the near future. So I might wait till then to give it a go. :LOL:
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*sigh* Even the simplest of things are starting to exasperate me now. It's odd. I thought I was getting better at rolling with the punches life throws my way, but so often- too often I find myself just not having the energy to care anymore after dealing with even the most trivial of things. Why? Am I finally succumbing to my persisting pessimistic outlook on life? I don't want my world view to be cynical and jaded if it means leading a miserable, indifferent life, but it's what I always seem to revert back to. Not sure what it's gonna take for me to start feeling like there's light at the end of this tunnel, but whatever it winds up being, I hope I can find it soon. And if not, I hope can muster the will to forge my own light somehow. What's important isn't that we fail or succeed, but that we have the will to persevere. I just need to remember that...
Good news for once.

'Neko took his car in to get the sunroof fixed; they did that in a day. (HE HATES SUNROOFS now and has a car cover). I ordered a Atlanta Braves hat with a huge discount, should be getting that in a week (So okay, I like baseball caps, and since I thinks I need a hat for Six Flags, I'll wear one if I'm not on rides). I'm also going to see if I can get some more posters once I can donate again; I'd <3 a pretty dreamcatcher but they're rarer now.

Would like to find some unicorn and maybe a few more posters from my fandoms, tho being cautious there after so many years of "Ew, Sailor Moon? why do you like that!?" or "Ew, Anime? Yuck, I don't get why you like that.." and all. (There's a reason I keep most of my fandoms on the down low, lol.) It's about time I added some more stuff to my room after all.

Sis does not really like games OR anime; she thinks all animation is badly drawn and is for kids, sadly. Um, to that I raise you Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which starts out cute and fluffy but is def NOT FOR KIDS. And she thinks games are a waste of time; well, I won't buy games with serious microtransactions but I think, as long as you're careful, good ones are worth some of your leisure time.

Tho with the animation part; she does like some of the newer Disneys including The Incredibles 2, so can't be too mad, tho seriously, me and Her Highness do not get along well.
Here's a useful tip, if you remove your profile picture and re-upload it again at 200px max, it should remove the pixelation issue.
Yo, if you remove your profile picture and re-upload it again at 200px max, it should remove the pixelation.
Whoops, just saw this. But I definitely agree! That's why I'm a fan of Dreamville, because all the artists that he's signed have focused on just that -- making good music that matters, music that's smart. Catchy music is fun, but I want substance too. And music with a message can also be entertaining as well!
Alpha Baymax
Alpha Baymax
It's cool, I don't judge people for delayed responses. We're all busy people.

I completely forgot that Dreamville was a record label. Glad to know that genuine talent is thriving on that label. G.O.O.D. Music was all about that during the 2000's and 2010's.

I barely listen to Hip-Hop nowadays because it's just full of trap music and mumble rappers. Two things I despise.
Yeah I feel you on that, a lot of rap is the same subject matter with the same style. So when I see rappers like Cole and Kendrick, I'm happy because at least there's some variety at least with substance.