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Sorry I haven't sent a reply yet on your pm, I couldn't get around to finishing it (it's slightly lengthy) but I'll try and have it sent to you tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with me <3
Been a while again, but anyway finally got the kitchen cleaned up after the "bug bomb".

Also I'm going to my first Momocon in like, forever! The good thing about Sis dying is..I am finally getting a allowance out of my disability money. Threw a tantrum of the "THIS IS NOT FAIR" variety saying it is not fair that the boys get money to spend and I was stuck donating plasma for mah cash. (Basically me and sis were donating all our money to the house; SO not fair.) So The Troll (that's the other brother I live with; I call him that online b/c of the way he acts) relented and now I have at least a little money to spend. Am planning on going to the plasma place again if I got something big to save for.

Speaking of which, I'm also working on driving; that's when I may do plasma again. I really need to get a new motherboard for my pc; it's past time I upgraded. So $100 USD extra will make it easier for me to save up a bunch of money to do that. Anyway wish me luck; I'm hoping if all goes well I'll be able to take the test soonish. (And yeah go ahead and laugh. It's been a comedy of errors why I haven't gotten my driver's license yet. At 48 years old. And yes, I know, I'm basically a gaming momma tho I'm single and never been kissed by anyone but brothers.)

Also I now finaly have orthpedic inserts; 'Neko told me to go to a foot doc after I tore up my last pair of shoes after 6 months, he'd had it. Sadly 'Neko lost his job soon after that so The Troll ended up paying for the inserts; Medicare does not pay for those unless you're diabetic and I yell heck no to diabetes! Speaking of Neko; he's starting a new job next week with Floor and Decour; wish him luck and all the prayers if you guys are religious.
Sent you a PM with the details about the dark-wielders as far as abilities, if you have any questions regarding anything in particular feel free to ask away in the PM!
Yo, been a fan since High School. KH is one of those franchises I would die for. If KH's name is in it, It'll gain my interest
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